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I'm to my 5 Max -- one computer had to be erased and OS reinstalled but because it was unable to get on the internet before doing so, it could not first be deauthorized.  So, it's 'locked in' and I can't make space for another machine to be added. What can I do about that?  I know one can deauthorize all 5 and start fresh, so to speak, but does that adversely affect the other computers using iTunes etc. because they are not having a problem


Is there any way to 'see' which computers are authorized??

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    Victoria Herring wrote:


    Is there any way to 'see' which computers are authorized??

    No, there isn't.  You can deauthorize all to reset the counter at the iTunes Store and the only effect on your other computers will be the need to authorize each of them again.

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    The only way to do is to deauthorise 'all' computers and reset your authorisations to 0. You'll then have to reauthorise all your computers. Other than having to reauthorise when asked (or by using Store -> Authorise This Computer) there should be no ill effects on the deauthorised systems.


    There's no way to see a list of which computers are authorised to play your content - although you can view a list of which computers are authorised to access your cloudy stuff (automatic downloads, previous purchases etc) which I find very odd. If it's possible for one, it should be easy enough for the other too, but Apple is Apple.....who knows why they do things the way they do.

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    to check which computers are authorizes go to Itunes, store, view my account, sign in, at the bottom of the page it will tell you how many are authorized

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    In order to see which devices are authorized on your account:



    Open iTunes



    Click Store



    Click Account



    Click View Account



    Enter your password



    Look in the second section iTunes in the Cloud



    To the far right you'll see Manage Devices



    Once it's clicked you will see all of the devices currently authorized in iTunes/on your account



    I was going to say, "Hope this helps," but based on the above, I'm pretty sure it did!



    Thanks guys...

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    For anyone who may come across this thread, Tina is incorrect. That doesn't show all the systems that are authorized to a given account, only those which are set up for automatic downloads or redownloading, which isn't the same as those that are authorized to an account to play protected content. There is no way to see a list of those systems which are authorized to the account.



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    Sorry Victoria.  Just trying to help. I called Apple and that's what they told me and walked me through.  Good luck!

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    click library


    go to the left side and click the music drop down


    click home sharing


    type in your password


    click authorize

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    That has nothing to do with the original question, Jacqueline. The OP wanted to know how to see what systems were authorized. And this thread was last active over a year ago, so it's unlikely that the OP would see any new information.