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Zacharias Beckman Level 1 (100 points)

I'm used to FCP (not FCPX). Recently I started moving some of my work to FCPX and overall have been pretty happy with it... until I discovered that, apparently, round tripping to Motion is not supported...?!?!!


Here's what I need: I have a one-hour video segment. We've used multiple camera angles, added titling and other effects, corrected lighting, and done quite a bit of audio cleanup. It's ready to go, but now we want to add several effects from Motion.


In the past (using FCP and/or Premier, with a totally different workflow) I could export to Motion, do the f/x work that I wanted, and then round-trip back to FCP without having lost any information. For example, I'm doing a cut away on how we produced an action scene, adding muzzle flash and ground explosions to a scene. All of the post-shot work has been done. I want to load the scene into Motion, add some partial f/x work (e.g.: "this is how we did it"), and bring it back into FCPX.


The problem is, it appears the only way to do this is to export the entire movie as a .MOV (flattened, rendered media), add my f/x in Motion, and then load the movie back into FCPX. EVERYTHING will have been flattened!!! That is, all track, titling, and audio work will be gone, rendered into a flat movie -- which is NOT what we want!


Am I totally wrong? I hope? Am I missing something Really Really Obvious in FCPX, and life can go on? Or do I have to go back to FCP/Premier...?