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    Hi there.  OK another 2 steps forward and one back.  Now that I loaded the software, I can record a video using the ASUS webcam.  So, we now know there is no hardware issue.  But, none of my applications that use webcam -- Skype, iChat, Facetime -- recognize the ASUS webcam. See screenshot of USB Vision preferences showing my live picture in the preview section...


    Any idea how to make the applications work, now that we know the webcam is not defective?






    WebCam works in USB Prefrences.jpg

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    Reading this thread so far, and a bit of trial and error myself, I've come to the conclusion the resolution is the reason the software that does pick up the web cam displays just a black screen.

    It could also be that the software saying it can't find a camera just can't handle the resolution to even display a black screen, or the software is really confused.


    Obviously my conclusion could be wrong. And I've not been able to test my theory yet. I attempted to change the default resolution for video in Skype, but I don't know if I done it correctly.

    As far as I'm aware you just edit the config.xml in Skype's Application Support folder, and add the following between the opening and closing <Video></Video> tags:




         <Device>ASUS USB2.0 Webcam</Device>



    I had no luck with that though. So either my theory is wrong or I didn't do it right.
    I'm going to play some more and see what I can come up with. But by the looks of things so far, lowering the resolution seems to fix it in USBVision.

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    I'm not so sure it is the resolution anymore. I've successfully changed the resolution in Skype, and it still shows a black screen.

    I reckon the driver it's running off of in USBVision will only display it in the low resolution, but Skype still doesn't have a driver to display it with.

    Really we need to get whatever driver USBVision is using and install that as the main driver for the webcam.

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    Same problem here with Asus VK278Q webcam. However if you use the webcam within a flash application it works correctly :

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    Hmm, that's a low resolution too...

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    Ok guys here's my solution until I've got an alternative..


    Download a nice little program called CamTwist from here:


    Install CamTwist, then open it up.


    In the first column, 'Step 1', select Webcam. Then click 'Select' at the bottom of the list.

    Ignore step 2.

    Step 3, click 'Save Setup'. Type any name, I just typed 'ASUS Cam'.


    Now open the program you want to use your webcam on. Photo Booth, Skype, whatever. Select the webcam/input source in the preferences of the program as 'Cam Twist'. Then in Cam Twist click your saved setup in the 'Saved Setups' list (mine is ASUS Cam), and click the 'Select' button at the bottom. - You can also select 'Auto load' to have it load that setup every time.


    You should now see yourself on the program you selected.


    The only downsides:

    1. You have to keep CamTwist running in order for your webcam to work.

    2. The cam is always on - if you have a light to say when your cam is in use, it'll be on as CamTwist is running.


    Number 2 of course can be a flaw, because people can watch you through your webcam, and the only way you know if someone's doing that (for the average user) is if the light's on. So make sure you switch Cam Twist off when you're not using your webcam.


    Note: CamTwist was not made by myself, nor was it made specifically for this webcam. I do not garantee it will work, nor do I take responsibility if anything goes wrong.


    I'll be back soon with a better, alternative method.

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    Sorry for the delayed response.  Unfortunately, this did not help me. CamTwist installed and I can see my image in the preview.  But, it does not drive the camera in any of the apps.  Boy is this frustrating.


    Anyone have other idea?



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    JohnLane wrote: ... Boy is this frustrating. Anyone have other idea?...


    Ummm... Just a thought, John.... With all you have tried unsuccessfully, and with ASUS's own Service Center telling you that your Mac is not supported, it seems it might be time to consider some Mac compatible hardware alternatives instead.




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    Mac OSX 10.7.4

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    JohnLane, are you changing your input source on the programs you're trying your webcam on?


    For example, in PhotoBooth click Camera at the top and select CamTwist.

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    Hi. Thx for checking in. Yes, I have tried in multiple applications to a mix of outcomes. 


    • Optimistic: CamTwist:  In preferences I can see me in the thumbnail view.  Does not work in the actual application.
    • Nuetral: Skype will show me the CamTwist named camera and blue light in camera goes on.  No video image.
    • Sad:  FaceTime will not even completely launch because it does not see the camera.  And, since it will not launch, I cannot get to preferences to switch camera


    Any other thoughts?  I can't believe there is not a generic webcam Mac OSX driver somewhere in the market...





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    JohnLane wrote: ...  I can't believe there is not a generic webcam Mac OSX driver somewhere...


    Hello again, John.


    The generic webcam Mac OS X driver is built into OS X (for all OS X versions later than 10.4.8.)


    As the ASUS Service Center has told you, your problem is not the driver.  Rather the cam you are trying to connect is NOT a generic (compatible) Mac webcam.


    Many compatible webcams are available including those listed in



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    Mac OSX 10.7.4

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    Hi there.  OK, my words are not precise enough...  My issue is that I purchased the monitor with a webcam integrated so buying a stand alone web cam defeats the whole purpose.  I need to find a way to make this webcam work. So, I need a s/w solution.  That is what I am asking the universe to help me figure out.


    Any thoughts on that solution are more than welcomed.


    Thanks for the response.



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    Ah, are you on Lion?


    I've just attempted to get it running on my Lion Mini and it's just showing a white screen.

    It worked fine on Leopard. I'll see if I can come up with anything else.

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    Joining in late since I just bought one of these monitors since the ASUS knowledge base sight says it is supported on mac;no=50CB736C-5907-27 92-CFEF-2CF7EC1CD0A0&amp;t=2


    But as all of you found out it does not work. I did try USBvision trick at 320x240 and that worked. I tried CamTwist but have different result. First I don't see CamTwist as an option in the aplications webcam list but it still worked with PhotoBooth as described above by others.


    But I really need it for Skype and like others it doesn't work for Skype even with CamTwist running. I even checked the CamTwist preference option to force it to 320x240 for the ASUS webcam.


    If anyone found anyother option I would like to hear about it.

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    I just got a Mac Mini and an Asus monitor with webcam, same problem. Camtwist didn't work nor did anything else. Just found a great app called iglasses and it worked!! With Photbooth and Facetime anyway, I don't use Skype. Still need a mic though as the webcam doesn't have one. Stupid right? anyway here is the website :

    Costs $20 but that's cheaper than getting a 3rd party webcam that works. Hope this helps.