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Hi and Tnxs for reading.

I cannot find the way to send my photo of iPhoto on AppleTv like I am doing with photo roll, since there is no AirPlay logo...

Any help?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    If you would like to display your iPhoto window on an AppleTV tap the gear / action wheel as described in the help: http://help.apple.com/iphoto/ipad/1.0/#blnk6ab30004


    -- Flip the switch for "Mirror on TV"

    Screenshot 2012.03.11 18.39.27.png


    Hope that helps.

  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi and tnxs for the answer, however it is not working. That feature is only to mirr All the screen with menù bars instead only photo and anyway is working only on iPad after having selected APPLETV with MIRRORING feature from the iPad general menu.

    Since the iPhone has no mirroring feature, it cannot be done on that...


    So I cannot find a way to mirror photo from my iPhone as we can do with Image app.


    Any help?


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    I am also having this same issue on my iphone 4S using iphoto for ios.  Tried all weekend to figure it out.  There is no airplay icon anywhere to start streaming photos on Apple TV.  Also, toggling the "Mirror on TV" switch above does nothing either.  Very irritating.  Any help/direction from someone who has actually figured it out would be greatly appreciated.



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    I found the solution.  The main Airplay button on the iPhone is accessed by double tapping the home button.  Then scroll all the way to the left.  You will see the AirPlay button to the right of the volume slider.  Tap it select Apple TV and then select mirror on TV.  Deselect mirror on tv in the iPhoto app to get full photo stream.  Start your slideshow.   Works for me.  Just wish it was better documented. 

  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi, I am sorry but the iOS mirroring feature is available only for iPad so I do not have any feature like that in my iPhone...

  • Cristofer Cruz Level 3 (885 points)

    Display mirroring requires an iPhone 4S or newer or iPad 2 or newer. Hope this clears it up.

  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    You are right but Apple says iPhoto is working on iPhone 4 aswell and it can send photo to the AppleTv.

    The internal feature is not working properly neither on iPad since the only way is to disable it and enable mirroring, so it looks like they need to fix it...

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    Hi, the only way to mirror photos in iPhoto is by using AirPlay mirroring, the setting mentioned by others above (mirror on tv) is used to swap between mirroring only the photo (off), and mirroring all the toolbars as well (on).


    Hope this helps.

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    It still is weird though. Apple states in the description of iPhoto in the app store that iPhoto can be used to stream your slideshows to apple TV. But it can't. I hope they will add that in the next release and I find it very odd that it's not there already.

  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    That's exactly my point of view.

    Even if mirroring is available only on iPhone 4S, in the iPhoto App for iOs description there is no differentiation between iPhone4 device versions. On top of this, the standard Photo software is able to do that so It is quite weird that Apple has not fixed this yet.


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    Excelent trick! It works (strangely) the way we all want. Thxs!