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My slide to unlock wont work on my iphone 3gs.I have tried to reset it. It won't slide to power off. It won't let me answer calls or texts but I can adjust the volume on the side buttons. Please help.

iPhone 3GS (8GB)
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    Try this... You will not lose any Data...


    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...


    Wait for the Apple logo to Appear...


    Usually takes about 15 - 20 Seconds... ( But can take Longer...)


    Release the Buttons...



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    If your touch screen has become unresponsive refer to this: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1827.

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    I have the same problem for a looooooong time, I always reboot the system but does not work, the Iphone come back when he wants to, I really would like to have an definitive fix to this.

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    Ok I found the solution! First of all clean your screen device with a tissue like the ones to clean glasses the make sure you don't have wet hands or sweaty, no lotions or gloves. If this doesn't works open maps and touch the corners and make sure those parts zoom in. If they don't reboot do everything again and of that doesn't works my advice is to take it to be fixed to the nearest  ishop. Good luck!

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    Okay--listen everyone--I actually have a fix for this.  I am so happy to help, because I know how frustrated I was!


    I have a iPod touch 3rd gen.  The screen slide was stuck in the lock position.  Over the course of the past three months I have tried the following with no success:


    1.) Reboot (holding the power and home button simultaneously)

    2.) Restore (both types--yes, I did the hard, factory reset) SEVERAL times.

    3.) I pushed on the screen in every corner, sometimes very hard.

    4.) I tried giving several voice control commands.


    Everything I read on line (I've spent several hours researching), said the only thing I could do was bring it in to the Apple Store Genius Bar--they priced the labor at about $150!  For which I could buy a new one.  Then I remembered something CRAZY I had read a while back--I wasn't even sure I remember the correct order or even the explanation.  All I know is that it WORKED!  This is what I did.


    a.) I put the iPod in a ziplock bag and pushed all the excess air out before sealing it.

    b.) I put it in the freezer over night!  (Crazy, right?)

    c.) Then about 24 hours later, I took it out--it was frozen solid--and tried to power it up.  No luck.

    d.) I immediately put it under the hair dryer on high heat, high air.  About 20-30 seconds from, then the same for the back. 

    e.) I tried to power it up; the Apple icon appeared!

    f.) While it was powering up, I kept the air on it, rotating front and back--It got hot.  (I stopped after 1 minute.)

    g.) When the home, configure screen reappeared, I was able to slide the slick, and re-configure!

    h.) I've restored a previous back-up off my iTunes account, and the iPod is working again.  Resurrected!


    If memory serves, the explanation I read is that many of the apply devices have an internal shutdown switch before they fry or freeze in extreme temps.  My guess is that the shutdown forces and internal reboot.  All I know is that after trying EVERYTHING ELSE--this method worked.  I did this on 18 October 2014.