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  • donnamen Level 1 (0 points)

    I think icloud may be causing the problem, but when I choose back up to this comprter instead of back up to icloud, and click apply, it reverts back to back up to icloud.

  • Denise105 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I have a gmail, yahoo and a .me email account that I can view on my iPhone. My PC's Outlook is only tied to my gmail account though and maybe my .me account which I don't use.

  • Denise105 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have as accounts listed under settings:

    ICloud, yahoo and gmail.

  • Belly Buster Level 1 (0 points)

    Bonesaw is right - this works, but maybe I'll explain in a litte more detail.


    Go to settings/mail, contacts, calendars


    Scroll right near the bottom and click on default calendar.


    On this page, tick the Calender under Exchange (or gmail).


    Try it and report back!

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    If you are not on an MS Exchange Server account, you will not see it there.  In fact, the Default calendar is simply the one all entries from your phone go onto unless you select a different calendar.

  • Denise105 Level 1 (0 points)


    ok, the only choice I have in settings/mail, contacts, calendars are: From my PC/calendar and iCloud/calendar.



    Are you saying that I will not be able to have calendar appointments and events entered onto my iPhone be synced automatically with Outlook on my PC? So iCloud does not communicate with a PC unless I'm using a MS Exchange server account?


    When I enter items in Outllook on my PC though, it does make it to iCloud and onto my phone, but not the other way around???


    If this is the reason, does anyone know a workaround? How can I make sure items entered onto my iPhone get updated on my PC? Does google sync or other tools work with Outlook and the iPhone better?


    thanks for whatever help you can provide.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    Denise - I was mistaken about Exchange.  Evidently you do use it on your phone to set up a connection to Google calendar, but even so, I was unable to get events from the phone to google.  I've posted a new question and maybe some answers there will help you, if I get any answers - it's been 16 hrs and nothing yet.  I'm ready to ditch the iPhone calendar altogether, if I can be sure of getting everything off it onto something else that syncs to my PC.

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    I made the mistake of changing my calendar sync to iCloud thinking I could sync my Calendars real-time, and I started having this same issue being unable to sync from iPhone 4S to Outlook.  I sync calendar and e-mail to a work PC but sync music from a home PC.  I am syncing Outlook calendars between home and work PCs via google calendar sync gmail account.


    The iPhone will sync going out from Outlook, but will not sync back to Outlook.


    I fixed this problem by going to settings>iCloud>Toggle calendar ON to OFF


    Now, when I connect iPhone to work PC via USB, it will sync from iPhone to Outlook calendar and also in reverse.


    Has anyone found an add-in to Outlook that will sync iPhone to Outlook via iCloud?  It would be nice to make this work between Apple and Microsoft systems.

  • deknaskrash Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried all these methods and my iPhone 4S still does not sync with my outlook

  • MarkA1820 Level 1 (0 points)

    With the help of Advanced Tech Support Anthony this helped me (hopefully it will help others also). 


    The details - MS Outlook 2007, iphone 4S, Windows Vista

    The problem - I could create a calendar event in Outlook and it would (within seconds) be on my phone however whenever I created an event on my iphone it would never go to Outlook.  Both events would make it to the iCloud on the web ( Sidenote - I would probably check to make sure it's going to the iCloud website first before following the solution before. 


    The solution - With Outlook NOT running on the PC, log out of the iCloud control panel (to the point where it says enter your apple id).  Go to the control panel, programs and features and uninstall the icloud program.  Open a browser window and google icloud control panel.  Download (currently v1.1 from about 40+ megabytes, and then install program. 


    Enter your apple id and check contacts and calendar and it will download everything back.  Open Outlook and everything should be there. 


    Hope this helps.  If I've missed anything in the steps please forgive me. 


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    I sync multiple calendars, where I have multiple calendars on my Exchange account at work and where I have multiple personal calendars on my Hotmail account. From the point of view of an iPad/Iphone, the setup for Hotmail is the same as for Exchange. I have both an iPad and an iPhone set up with all my calendars.


    Until recently, the syncing has mostly worked in both directions - iPxd to Exchange or Hotmail, and Exchange or Hotmail to iPxd. Even when it was working, it was "mostly working" and occasionally there would be a failure to sync. Now, neither of my iPxd devices will sync to either of my e-mail servers, although syncing from the e-mail servers to the iPxd devices works fine.


    My iPad always connects to the Internet via WiFi. My iPhone mostly connects to the Internet via WiFi and occasionally via 3G. I've never used a USB cable or anything like that to connect either iPxd device to a PC, and indeed there is really no e-mail on the PC since it's all really on the Exchange server or the Hotmail server. In theory, all of this calendar syncing should work just fine even if I never turn on my PC.  For the purpose of calendars, the only reason I use the PC is to check occasionally if the calendars on the Hotmail or Exchange servers has been synced correctly. And they aren't.


    I can't figure out what's changed. The suggestion about a new iCloud client on my PC makes no sense to me since I've never enabled iCloud on either iPxd device, and since neither iPxd device is syncing to the servers through my PC. The suggestion about the default calendar makes no sense to me because the default calendar only affects calendar entries that are newly created on one of my iPxd devices and only affects which calendar the newly created entry goes into. For existing calendar entries, the iPxd device knows which calendar the entry is stored in.


    I seldom actually make new calendar entries. Rather, I repurpose old ones. For example, I have a calendar entry for when I'm supposed to give my dog his monthly heartworm medicine. Recurring appointments such as monthly doses of heartwork medicine seem often to confuse the syncing process, so I've gone to just advancing the date a month each time I give my dog his medicine. This was syncing fine, and now it isn't.

  • thejerrybryan Level 1 (0 points)

    I played around with my problem a little more. To simplify things a bit, I logged on to my Hotmail account and created a new and empty calendar in addition to the ones that were already there. I went to my iPad and started my calendar app and told it to display only the new Hotmail calendar. The iPad saw the new calendar, and saw that it was empty.  So far, so good.


    I made a short and simple calendar entry on the iPad in the new calendar. The new calendar entry showed up within a couple of seconds on the Hotmail calendar.  So far, so good. I should explain that I'm looking at the Hotmail calendar on my PC with the Hotmail web based client. I was in IE, and the client is not smart enough to update without being tickled. It's really a browser restriction, not a Hotmail restriction, I think. In any case, I unchecked the new calendar and immediately checked it again (clicking to get the check mark character, just like you do on the iPad itself to select a calendar), and the entry was there.


    On the iPad I changed the date of the event. It changed in Hotmail. Still - so far, so good.


    On the iPad I changed the name of the event. It did not change in Hotmail, no matter how many times I checked and unchecked the new Hotmail calendar. Subsequently, no changes in the iPad whatsoever - date, time, recurrence, alert, etc. - were reflected to Hotmail.


    Subsequent tests continued this pattern. I could make a new calendar entry on the iPad and change it a time or two and the changes would be reflected to Hotmail. Subsequent changes to the calendar entry on the iPad were not reflected to Hotmail. In addition to checking and unchecking the calendar on Hotmail, I logged off and on to Hotmail several times to no avail. Something which I suspect is on the iPad side of things is failing to sync properly on the Hotmail side of things after the first couple of changes to the calendar entry.


    The Hotmail account is defined as an Exchange account (which I believe is the correct way to define it), and therefore the synchronization should be taking place via ActiveSync which should be a very robust protocol.


    Help !!!!!!!!

  • thejerrybryan Level 1 (0 points)

    Further experimention:


    I create a new calendar item from my iPad. The entry shows up on my Hotmail calendar as viewed by being logged into Hotmail on a browser on my PC. I change something in the calendar entry - the date, the time, the text of the calendar entry, or whatever - and it seems not to matter what I change. The change shows up correctly on my Hotmail calendar. I make another change. The second change does not show up on my Hotmail calendar even though it shows up on the iPad. Upon further review, the pattern seems totally repeatable. The intial creation of the calendar entry works. The first change to the calendar entry works. The second and all subsequent changes to the calendar entry fail to update Hotmail even though you can see the change on the iPad. But I can change the calendar entry in Hotmail itself and the change is properly reflected back to my iPad.


    I conduct the same experiment with my iPhone instead of my iPad. On the iPhone, everything seems to work correctly. I can create a calendar entry from my iPhone and change the entry as many times as I wish. Each change is properly reflected to the entry on Hotmail. Except that even on the iPhone, there are intermittent failures that are not repeatable. I usually only catch these failures by accident.


    I actually like the failures on the iPad better than the failures on the iPhone because they are so repeatable. But it does seem strange that both the creation of the calendar entry and the first change to the calendar entry work on the iPad, and it's only the second and subsequent changes to the calendar entry on the iPad that fail.


    Both the iPad and the iPhone are on the most current version of IOS, namely 5.1.1.  I have gone over the Hotmail account options and the calendar options on the iPad and iPhone with a fine toothed comb to be sure that the options are set exactly the same on both devices, and the best I can tell they are.


    For the time being, I'm only going to be changing calendar entries from within Hotmail itself, which means I have to be on a PC to do it. I can't tolerate either the repeatable failures on the iPad or the intermittent failures on the iPhone.


    I did try running Safari on the iPad to connect to Hotmail to change calendar entries that way. It doesn't seem to work. I get the mobile version of Hotmail which has such a limited functionality that I can't change calendar items the same way I can from a PC. Even when I play around with it and am appearing to force Safari to use the non-mobile version of Hotmail, I am not really able to get into the calendar entries and manipulate them. I can get at e-mail entries ok, but not calendar entries.

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    Ok, so after searching the Internet for over an hour and troubleshooting here at work. I was able to get this working again. I deleted icloud and exchange accounts from iPhone. Re-setup exchange server. Defaulted mail, contacts and calendars to exchange. I also, had to make sure the default calendar was set to exchange and not home or work. (I never setup the icloud again, as the user does not use it.)


    My issue was that the entries were being defaulted to the wrong calendar (home in this case), in the calendar section. How I found out was via the color coded bullets on the iPhone. Each calendar has it's own color.


    I created a new entry in outlook and once it hit the iPhone, it was showing up blue (home) instead of orange (exchange). I then went to change the default calendar to exchange. Did 3 test on the iPhone and 3 test in outlook, all was well again. Everything synced and was showing up with an orange bullet next to the calendar entry on the iPhone.


    No other solution worked for me, but this one.


    FYI, when I deleted the accounts, I choose the option to keep all of the items on the iPhone. Just in case it couldn't re-sync, I wanted to still have access to the older entries. Also, when you do this and setup the icloud and exchange accounts again, you could have some duplicate entries. But, duplicates are better than none at all.


    Hope this works for someone else.

  • lsofnj Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem with iphone entries not syncing to my Outlook (NON-Exchange).  I followed MarkA1820 advice from the tech support and it worked for me.  Similar to djjbras, I also created a copy before logging out of icloud and when syncing with the new downloaded icloud, I had duplicate entries too.  When setting up, they prompt you to choose which calendars and contacts to choose.  I had a choice of "icloud" and "icloud (2)".  I chose "icloud (2)" since I saw it had more entries and it created a second calendar on my Outlook.  Not a big deal, I just deselected the calendar when I saw the entries were the same with the addition of some iphone entries.  Happy to report it worked for me, I tested the syncing both ways by entering entries on Outlook and the iphone.

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