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  • williamus Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Grateful to Bonesaw and others for sorting this for me. 


    For the majority of the time I use the PC to maintain my Hotmail calendar which syncs fine with my iPhone.  I don't know when it started (maybe with iOS 5.1) but I noticed recently that events I'd entered on my phone weren't turning up on my PC... etc, etc.


    For me it really was as simple as changing the default calendar on the phone to the Hotmail Exchange one. Voila - all sorted.   


    I'm pretty certain that I haven't been into the calendar setting on the iPhone or changed the default calendar myself.  Oddly though, I notice that Hotmail now has a different icon on the settings menu to that for "ordinary" exchange accounts.  Our Hotmail accounts are still set up as "Exchange".  Maybe there's a connection.


    Anyway, all sees to be working  so I'll leave it as it is.


    Hope others with more comp[lex issues, get them sorted.



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    I've just started experiencing a similar problem - can't sync calendar between Outlook 2003 on Windows with my iPhone or my iPad.  Seems to have stopped around 6/20.  Since both devices have the same issue it doesn't appear to be with the set up of those devices - it must be something to do with the set up on the PC or with the latest changes to iTunes.


    I have tried everything I've read over the last week trying to fix this.  I have a degree in Computer Science and I'm stumped.  It shouldn't be this hard to fix minor issues.


    Last night I finally uninstalled iTunes and all support programs (as suggested from the Apple support pages to fix Sync issues) and then reinstalled them.  Also uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook.  No difference.


    I don't see any way to select a different type of Calendar under Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  I only see 3 Calendar options on my iPhone: New invitation alerts, Time zone support, and Default alert times.


    Any suggestions?

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    I had the same problem. Based on the one of the resolutions proposed here, I toggled the iCloud calendar off. When I turned it on again I got a message that said something about merging my Mac calendar. But I use a PC at home. Then I realized I did merge my iPhone with my Mac calendar at work so that I would have my work appointments on the phone when I was out of town. I'm assuming that is what stopped my iPhone appointments from syncing with Outlook on my PC. I got the phone and PC (Outlook) calendars to do a two way sync again by restoring the iCloud settings on the PC. Does anyone know how/if I can sync my home PC Outlook 2010 calendar with iCloud AND my work iCal with my iPhone without it causing problems again?

  • QuickDuck Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I suspected after trying everything else that I had a corrupted calendar appointment. 

    I fixed the problem by moving all my calendar appts on Outlook to the deleted folder, wiping all calendar appointments from my iPhone, then dragging one appointment at a time from my deleted Outlook folder back to the Calendar.  Then I would sync up but only after selecting to replace all appointments on my iPhone with those on my Outlook Calendar.  I repeated that each time after noting which appoint I had un-deleted until I found one (and there was only one) that must have been corrupted somehow.  To keep track of which appointment I had just undeleted I changed a dummy calendar appointment for today's date with a short description of the appointment I had just re-added.  Then everyt time I synced I made sure that my iPhone showed that dummy calendar appointment had indeed updated.  When I tried to add the one that turned out to be corrupted - the dummy appointment did not change so I knew I had just found which the source of my problems.  I just deleted that appointment completely and then continued to repeat the process for each subsequent calendar appointment until I had moved them all from the deleted folder.

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    I think I have the answer to your question. Go to ur phone's setting and go to the iCloud tab. from there, turn of the calendar so it wouldn't sync with iCloud but with your PC instead

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    Hi you sync-bothered people (me too, alas!). I have a similar sync-problem, even if my config may vary a little bit from the one or the other in this thread. For the hurry ones (who don't want to read all here), my problem and solution, relates to sync problem with the MS-Outlook calendar(s) and may not work for contacts, notes and tasks. If you want a quick read, just look at the last three paragraphs.


    Here's my configuration:

    • MS-Outlook 2010 (no MS-Exchange)
    • iTunes 10.6
    • iPhone 4 and New iPad (iOS 5.1.1)
    • Google Mail-Account (e-mail only; no calendar, no notes, no tasks, no google-sync)
    • no iCloud
    • just a offline USB cable sync between computer and iPhone/iPad


    I have two accounts in my MS-Outlook:

    1. One "email-empty" account just for sync and offline-availability of all my calendars, contacts, tasks and notes (a kind of a backup of my data, if you want).
    2. And one IMAP account for my google mail (with nothing else but my e-mail stuff).

    I do snycronize my iPhone/iPad with my MS-Outlook with a USB cable via iTunes.


    Normally I create new appointments or change and delete appointments on my iPhone on the way and then keep all synchronized the next time I connect to my computer.

    "Suddenly" I remarked that plenty of appointments on my computer were very old or unchanged compared to my iPhone.

    But: contacts, tasks and notes are absolutely 100% synchronized between all devices.

    AND (I was blown away!): new appointments or changed or deleted ones on the iPhone are being 100% synchronized to the iPad and vice versa, but not with my MS-Outlook!!


    And that's when my search for the needle in the haystack started! Due to the differences between the appointment entries on the iPhone/iPad and MS-Outlook I assumed that the trouble started around the date of the installation of iTunes 10.6. I looked for news in the web, searched for troubleshooting, I tried to overwrite the iPhone calender (in iTunes via My Device > "Info" > "Advanced" > replace information on my iPhone... etc.). All entries on my iPhone were deleted, and then - after synching: My previous iPhone appointments were restored and not - what I exptected - the MS-Outlool entries! So I tried to change settings on my iPhone, in MS-Outlook, I deactivated and reactivated Add-Ins, I changed settings on my iPad, in iTunes... well knowing, that I DIDN'T HAVE MADE ANY CAHNGES in the weeks before; I just let things the way they were.


    FAR WRONG, my dears!

    Yesterday I stumbled across this thread here and: MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL for sharing! After reading QuickDuck's very exhausting delete-search-and-replace-action it came like a bolt from the blue (thank you, QuickDuck, for your inspiration): At least in my case it were those dam### recurring appointments of MS-Outlook!!! I alredy had this trouble with MS-Outlook 2003 on my office computer. In that case, one single change of one single appointment out of a series did prevent from useing the export function of MS-Outlook. At that time I also resolved the problem like QuickDuck did.

    I remember that I made some changes a few weeks ago to some recurrence appointments (I shifted or changed just one or two single entries out of a series, but don't ask me wich one; that's why we use that sync-function, because we do not want to remeber, what we should syncronize on the other devices, right?). And that may be the point in time when all my problems begun. So in my case, I didn't want to look for the "bad guy" how QuickDuck did (hey... over 1000 appointments and last time i took me hours). So I decided for the hard way: I just deleted all recurrence entries (e.g. Outlook birthdays) and voilà: No sync problems any more!

    But let me warn you: In my case, I knew that the major part of my appointments were up to date on my iPhone/iPad. So I lost just a few appointments (including all Outlook-created birthday entries; but I have my birthdays managed on my iPhone/iPad). So be careful, please. And if you have some cloud services, use them for backup and restore, if this solution doesn't work for you.

    Who knows: Perhaps this may help the one or the other of you (but maybe not the ones having sync problems with contacts). And if some guys from MS are reading this: PLEASE: Do finally fix that problem. You drag and move this over and over again since 2003? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Although I have updated my IOS to the 5.1.1 version, I still cannot get my iphone events displayed on my Google Calander. Apparently I am the only one still with this problem here, right? Any ideas of why this is still happening to me? Thanks

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    I am having the exact same problem and it just started recently.   Everything was working fine the last year.   Now suddenly, everything I enter in my iCloud calendar in Outlook shows up right away on my iPhone, but whatever I enter into my iPhone calendar does NOT show up in Outlook.    I have both the Calendar From My PC and the iCloud calendar checked on my iPhone (under Calendar).   On the iPhone, iCloud is set to synch Calendars.  Under settings (Mail, Contact, Calendars) the default calendar is set to the iCloud calendar. 


    Any ideas that could help with this sudden problem?   I can't afford to miss appointments!! 

  • TJ Ong Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, it really help. Also i did found a way to change previous calender entry from other mail account to iCloud. You can do that by open/access your calender entry and change the calender oprtion from "other mail account" to iCloud or Calender.


    Hope that help.

  • thekidsmom Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    TJ, thanks, this helped me. Also, I realized that i could turn OFF iCloud calendar sync from my phone (on iPhone: settings/icloud (under general) and set calendar to OFF). Miracle of miracles...all of my appointments were back on my outlook calendar on my PC.

  • nomadsid Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have just had the same problem. No idea why. After 3 years of having Google calendars syncing with my iphone 3G, then iphone 4S; they just disappeared off the phone (but still on my mac computer) Weird...I must add, I had NOT changed any settings to google calendar or my iphone for them to disappear..

    I just figured out how to resolve... Go to Google; Calendar Settings; MoibleSetup; Click "You can sync Google Calendar with your mobile phone or table. This then takes you to new page with a simple list of your calendars. Tick the ones you wish to appear on your phone. Then on iphone, press, "Show all calendars" and viola', all calendars immediatley appeared on phone again.

  • cyberorth Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I think this is a new thing, because your post is the only on this thread that is after this started happening.  I think goog probably changed their set up parameters. 

    In any case, you solved my problem since its not easy to locate whether the source of problem is I device or google.

    Thanks vary much.

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    I have no real idea what I just did, how it worked or why but...I followed advice from MarkA1820 and Isofnj and it worked perfectly! So a big thank you to the both of you.


    Usually I do not bother to add anything to forums but after a frustrating morning trying to sort out what had seemed like a small problem, I felt compelled to leave a big thank you.


    Now everything is where it is supposed to be and I am very happy!! Now to do some work...

  • McDunnough Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    More thanks for solving this one, Bonesaw.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3 (855 points)

    I am also having trouble syncing with Outlook.  I have 2010, iTunes 10.6, iPhone4 with 5.1.1.  After reading most of this thread (and several others) I think my problem is that I regularly need to make changes to single repeating calendar entries on my phone.  Outlook won't sync the repeating entries after that.  Well, this is how I have to run my business!  People make regular weekly appointments, and then make changes, such as cancelations or date/time changes.  I have to keep track of it all on my phone, or I'd be lost.  Outlook is my backup, and I would love to have it work properly.  The only workaround I've thought of is to make no changes, but instead add an entry to my calendar to show the new info - a real drag.  This is a Microsoft issue, and for the price of Office 2010, they should have taken care of it.

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