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    Thank you thank you!   This helped me tremendously and everything seems to be working again.   I deleted all the entries when I uninstalled the icloud panel and it seems to be working fine. 

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    Ever since I have upgraded the ICLOUD Control Panel to the latest version and upgraded the Operating Software on my IPHONE and IPAD to version 6, I have been experiencing problems with synchronizing my IPAD-IPHONE calendar updates to my Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar and vice versa.


    When I make a calendar entry on my IPHONE, the calendars on my IPAD are updated.  However, the calendar updates are not reflected on my calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2010.


    In the Calendar tree within OUTLOOK, Outlook has the following calendar structure:




    Calendar Outlook-Outlook


    Calendar Outlook-ICLOUD



    Calendar from ICLOUD

    Calendar ICLOUD


    I am totally stumped at the minute.  The calendars on my IPHONE and IPAD do not synchronise into my Calendar from ICLOUD and Calendar ICLOUD (within the ICLOUD CALENDAR TREE).


    Can anyone help me please.



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    I followed the directions provided by MarkA1820 after he spoke with Apple technical support and it fixed my similar problems between iPhone and PC. 

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    Thank god I've come accross your comments, I thought it was just me.  Here's what I'm having problems with:-


    1.  I add/remove an entry in Outlook, it gets added/removed with the iPhone/iPad but... when i try and do it the other way round, i.e. add/remove an entry to either phone/pad, it will add/remove from both devices but its not added/removed with outlook


    I'm heavily reliant on my calander so would like some help please.


    Many thanks


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    Thanks for the advice.


    I unistalled ICLOUD Control Panel 2; re-installed ICLOUD Control Panel version 1 and I have not got anywhere.


    When I reformatted my Notebook and installed Windows 7 Professional, I installed the ICLOUD Control Panel and I had no problems.  After I updated the software to version 6 on my IPHONE and IPAD and did an upgrade of the ICLOUD Control panel, I cannot sync my calendar on MS Outlook to my IPAD-IPHONE calendar and vice versa.


    And, when I log onto ICLOUD via IE, I cannot update my calendar on ICLOUD within IE.  I receive a message that informs me that my ICLOUD memory is full.


    I need help.


    Ever since Tim Cook took over, Apple have gone backwards.




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    Hi Michelle,


    I have been experiencing the same problems as you since I updated the ICLOUD Control Panel to the recent version.


    Within OUTLOOK 2007, my CALENDARS is set up like this:



    Calendar-Outlook (PRIMARY) (Events are stored in this folder)

    CALENDAR OUTLOOK  (Events are stored int this folder)




    Calendar - ICloud (Events and calendar notes stored entered before 20 Sep 2012 are in this folder)

    CALENDAR FROM ICLOUD: Events and calendar appointments are stored in this folder.


    When I add a diary event on my IPHONE, my diary is automatically updated on my IPAD.


    However, I experience this problem:


    I enter a diary event with notes in my primary outlook calendar.  Since I purchased CodeTwoSyncfor ICLOUD, my diary is automatically updated in my CALENDAR FROM ICLOUD within MICROSOFT OUTLOOK..


    However, the diary event that is reflected within Calendar from ICLOUD does not sync into my IPAD and IPHONE calendar.


    Can anyone help me out.





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    Somebody please!! help!!!  My appointments added in outlook 2010 on windows 7 will show up on my ipad but changes or additions on the ipad will NOT show up in outlook.  Any ideas?  I have icloud software on PC.  please help!!!

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    Thanks so much, I've been having the same problem and just fixed it after months of not having my calendars on my phone or iPad. I use Entourage 2008 on my MacBook Pro and have an iPhone 3GS (just ordered my iPhone 5) and an iPad 2, and they stopped syncing in May or June. Been trying to fix it and even several tech guys at work could not figure it out. I think it started happening after I started using iCloud for my iPad and iPhone when I went to the Apple store with my partner when he got an iPad 3, and the clerk happily helped set me up on iCloud on my phone and iPad. Problem is, I was still using Snow Leopard, and never upgraded to Lion. It wasn't until today, when I downloaded and installed Mountain Lion that I was able to access iCloud in my settings on my MacBook Pro. After I installed and had signed in to iCloud, it still wasn't working. So using some of what MarkA1820 instructions were I closed Entourage, and then went to my settings and signed out of iCloud. It deleted everything off of my MacBook Pro, and I then signed back in to iCloud, and after a few minutes, everything started repopulating on all my devices. There were duplicate entries, so I just clicked off of any calendars that were not iCloud. This is a lifesaver, I've been struggling without access to my calendars and I travel a lot in my job, so thanks again!

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    (I am using iphone 4S, Windows 7 pro. Outlook 2010)



    Please do the following:


    1: Settings / mail, contacts, calendars / Calendars / default calendar

    Make exchange calendar as default calendar


    2: Settings / icloud / calendar

    Turn off calendar


    Then try to schedule appointments on the iphone. It immediately sychronises with outlook 2010


    Trust this helps all.

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    Had the same calendar issue as mentioned in all these posts . Could not get my phone and ipad to sync to my PC Outlook calendar. This was apparently because of an apple (QTime) software update installed somewhere around November 16th.


    Tried many of the steps in the links above to no avail & spent a few hours doing this. In the end I simply did a system retore on my PC to an early November date. Signed out of icloud in PC control panel - resigned in and reloaded it back in my PC's control panel and finally I had all of my origianl calendars up... along with the calendar icloud refresh button as it was before the mysterious software update crashed this.


    Wanted to take the time to post this because I'm sure there are many others like me struggling to fix this issue .  

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    Hi MarkA,


    I tried to follow your instructions, but had no success.


    I was able to sync with my PC at work before itunes 11. Our system still has windows XP (Pack 3), and outlook 2006.


    The first thing I noticed was that we did not have the icloud app installed, but the old mobileme. I uninstalled it anyway.


    Then I located v1.1 of the icloud app, tried to install it, but it refused to continue because it requires vista or later.


    Next, I dowloaded the latest version of icloud, and the same happend.


    I can't sync my outlook entries into my ipad and viceversa.

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    I also noticed a deterioration in the way my ipad synced with my outlook at work. I noticed a few months ago that whatever I entered into the ipad calendar, would not automatically sync into my outlook.


    After the latest itunes upgrade (11), the situation grew worse: my ipad would not sync at all with my outlook calendar.


    That is simply not acceptable.


    I searched for solutions within Apple, and found a couple of suggestions, including (but not limited to) removing itunes and related components, but that did not work. I also went into the outlooks settings and discovered that, for some reason, the itunes add in was disabled. I enabled it, but that did not work either.


    So.... since Apple is not able to fix this problem and fix my calendar needs, I had to abandon the use of the IOs calendar and looked for a solution elsewhere (and I found it).


    Now I do not depend on iTunes for my calendar syncing.


    My solution:  I searched for a way of syncing outlook with a google calendar account with the view of using an IOs app to access my work calendar.


    If you're willing to take up that path and abandon an app that no longer does the job, here's what you do:


    0. Assumption: you have a google/gmail account. If you don't, get one.

    1. Close your outlook on your windows machine;

    2. Download the google calendar sync app:

    3. Install the gappssync

    4. Go to Applications and locate the newly installed app in your windows machine. Activate it and enter your google/gmail account user id and password. Select what you want to sync (I was only interested on the calendar and contacts, but you can also add the email, and other stuff). Click sync (or whatever the button asks you to do).

    5. Go for lunch or a cup of coffee or something, as this may take a little while.

    6. When you return, you may notice that the gappssync keeps registering a number of errors, even when it has finished syncing the correct number of items. Ignore this.

    7. Open your google account on your browser, and check that your appointments are there. They will be.

    8. Go to the itunes app store and look for CalenMob and install it. It's a free app, but it comes with ads. If you want an ads free version, with a few more features, you may want to do an in-app purchase (from within the calendar app), and it would set you back about $7.50 or so.

    9. Enter your google/gmail account details into your calendar app when you first start it, and it sync with the information in your outlook.


    No more IOs calendar sync pain.



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    "And just one more thing..."


    The instructions I outlined in my previous post are in relation to syncing the whole outlook data (or parts thereof) into your google calendar.


    If your data is in a company/business, though, syncing will be restricted unless  your employer pays google for using the service.


    A free service from google to sync only the outlook calendar to a google calendar can be found here:


    Install that app into your windows machine, and you'll be able to sync both ways: outlook <----> google calendar. You can then use a google calendar app on your ipad as your main app.


    If you still want to use your IOs calendar, you can do so: &ctx=topic

  • Jeffrocas Level 1 Level 1

    Ok... I just wanted to re-enter the instructions to use google calendar to sync with outlook in a simpler format:



    1. Assumption: you have a gmail/google account. If not, get one. It’s free and very convenient.
    2. Go to this link: and install the exe file in your windows machine with Outlook (googlecalendarsync_installer.exe) from that link.
    3. Once installed, you’ll have to enter your google/gmail account details. Choose 2 ways sync.



    Option A: If you want to keep your IOs calendar in your ipad, go to Setting à  Mail, Contacts, Calendars à Add Account à Gmail, and add the details of your Gmail account (user id + password): : &ctx=topic


    Option B: OR... If you want to use a different app on your Ipad, I recommend CalenMob. There is a free version (ad supported), and a paid version ($7.50). Try the free one first to see if you like it. I like this version because it inserts the public holiday dates (from around Australia, not only WA) into your calendar.


    Once you have done the above steps, whatever entry you make into your outlook will be synced with your google calendar and vice versa. If you have chosen to stay with your native IOs calendar app, that will be synced too (and vice versa).

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    This issue is happening with my computer to iPhone sync with Outlook took.


    How do I recover all of my iPhone "Notes" that are no longer there?  I wish the sync process was simplified! Ugh, where is all of my data??????????????????????