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    i was having the same issue after updating my iphone5.  what i finally realized is all my invites were coming through hotmail.  scroll to the bottom of the invite on the email and there is a box to download to your calender.  click on it and it will synch to your calender.  you have to tell it to where before the update it would do it automatic.  maybe that was just stupidity on my part to not look all the way down to the bottom of the e-mail.

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    anniebeagle wrote:


    When I enter events in Outlook 2010 on my PC, they sync and show up on my iPhone 4S calendar.  But, when I add a new event on my iPhone calendar, it never shows up on my Outlook calendar.  I tried using Google Sync, and Google and Outlook synced with each other just fine, but neither show the new events I have added using my iPhone.  The phone still continues to get new events I add using my computer, but it won't work the other way.  I just updated to the newest version of iTunes and iOS 5.1 today hoping that would solve it, but no change.  Any solutions?  Thanks!


    Update:  I just tried again, and was able to see an event I added on my iPhone on my Google Calendar, but it still does not show up in Outlook.  I tried restarting Outlook, and that didn't make a difference.  So... I guess there's some issue with Outlook receiving the calendar info from either place.  BUT, old events that I added manually on my iPhone are still not showing up on either Outlook or Google.  Only new events that I've added on my phone since the creation of my Google Calendar are syncing with it.  Sorry for that long, round-about description.  It is just baffling me.  Thoughts?  Thanks again.


    This should fix it:  I had the same problem:


    Go to settings/mail, contacts, calendars


    Scroll right near the bottom and click on default calendar.

    On this page, tick the Calender under Exchange


    (seems that the default calendar is not the exachange calendar and then you get issues)

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    Be sure you are updating the iCloud calendar in Outlook and that is the calendar you are syncing via your phone and iTunes.

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    This whole problem started with Apple forcing all of us to use their "Cloud" (server) to store our Outlook calendars & email (who would want to do that?) after Itunes Update 6.1.3 - any update AFTER that one FORCES you to use their server to control your calendar.  I have not updated my phone since then, and never will again, intill Apple comes out with a fix.  For the school kid or blue collar worker, this might be alright, but if you want to keep all of your proprietary calendar meeting private, Iphones (post Update 6.1.3) and Outlook are NOT the way to go.  It was explained to be by an Apple tech that "Microsoft" was forcing the sync, but I find it really hard to believe another company can force Apple to do something like that.  Just thought you should know.

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    ve read all of these discussion and I still cannot get my iphone 4S to sync with my OUlrook 2010 on my PC.  Like vereyone else, it used to and I had no problme at all, just connecting my phone to the PC and bham it all synced and I knew where I was, where I was going and worked wonderfully.  I cannot follow the logic of how to fix this problem, having followed most of the suggestions on here.  I still have calanedar entries on my phone and calendar entries on my PC that do not math up.  IT is very frustrating.  CAn someone please give me a very simple answer to this problem.  I havea hotmail account in OUtlook and a work email in outlook and all I want to do is get both calendars the same, I do not want to use Icloud as I get 2 entries all the time.  Can anyone out there help me please?

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    Its a bit of an old post already but I just wanna give my 2 cents as well.


    The syncing and transferring of data seems to not always go smoothly.
    To deal with this issue I have been using a plugin for Outlook since last year because I was kind of sick of these issues with both Apple and Android.


    I might suggest using a small Outlook plug-in. The one im using is EVO Collaborator for Outlook.

    And with that it seems to work fine for me.


    Also wrote a blog about it myself : -and.html

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    I finally figured out that the iPhone OS updates now have several calendars to sync with. When you are entering into your iPhone calendar you must be sure that you are entering into the calendar (usually color coded) that appears within Outlook. If it is syncing with a different colored calendar, you will not see it in Outlook unless you actually check to visualize both calendars while in Outlook. These several calendars are usually identified every time you have a new Outlook Mail account and choose to sync calendars with that mail account. I resolved this by only using one colored calendar in both Outlook and on my iPhone to ensure they are syncing with the same (and only one) calendar.

    BTW, I am not using iCloud or the MC Exchange functions on my iPhone.

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    This worked for me. Make sure that you scroll down to the EXCHANGE calendar if you are on an exchange server for work.

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    Thanks!  Great help and very simple solution.

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    Nothing has worked for me. The calendar colors are different on my iPhone and iPad. I have the same calendar checked on both devices although they are different colors. I turned off iCloud, exited and restarted Outlook on my Mac, restarted both devices and still the device calendars are not syncing up with Outlook. I am using an office computer so I know nothing about the exchange or whatever. What I do know is that this started happening a few month ago. I have  not updated my devices to 8.04.1. Desktop was recently updated to Yosemite but the problem started before this update. It worked for several years so why is this starting now?

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    OK, I was persistant in finding a solution for this and found this post on Apple Support. It says that No, you cannot link Outlook with an Apple device but out of desperation I followed the steps and now it all seems to be working. I did turn iCloud off on both my devices, did a backup and sync with the desktop computer first. I only found one of the 2 Preferences/SyncServices files mentioned in the article to delete but all is now good.


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