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When I enter events in Outlook 2010 on my PC, they sync and show up on my iPhone 4S calendar.  But, when I add a new event on my iPhone calendar, it never shows up on my Outlook calendar.  I tried using Google Sync, and Google and Outlook synced with each other just fine, but neither show the new events I have added using my iPhone.  The phone still continues to get new events I add using my computer, but it won't work the other way.  I just updated to the newest version of iTunes and iOS 5.1 today hoping that would solve it, but no change.  Any solutions?  Thanks!


Update:  I just tried again, and was able to see an event I added on my iPhone on my Google Calendar, but it still does not show up in Outlook.  I tried restarting Outlook, and that didn't make a difference.  So... I guess there's some issue with Outlook receiving the calendar info from either place.  BUT, old events that I added manually on my iPhone are still not showing up on either Outlook or Google.  Only new events that I've added on my phone since the creation of my Google Calendar are syncing with it.  Sorry for that long, round-about description.  It is just baffling me.  Thoughts?  Thanks again.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Outlook 2010, Google Calendar Sync
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