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So about 20 minutes ago I connected my iPhone to my computer and iTunes prompted me to update it.  I accepted, but as it was applying the updates some type of error popped up.  Long story short, it failed to update and now when I turn on my phone it's frozen with the screen showing the USB cord & iTunes icons.  I've tried:


-Shutting it down by holding the sleep/power button

-Shutting it down by holding the Home + sleep/power button

-All of my USB ports on my computer

-Reinstalling iTunes


As soon as I turn it on, it briefly shows the Apple icon then it goes back to the same screen with the iTunes/USB icons.  When I connect it to my computer it makes the connection sound but it won't register on iTunes.


Do you guys know how I can fix this?

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    This just happened to me this morning. I updated iTunes to the latest version and rebooted. Still no joy. I then swapped the USB cable to a different port with iTunes running and then iTunes said that my phone was in recpvery mode. It then asked me if I wanted to recover the phone and I said yes.


    It then restored the phone to factory settings, took about 5 minutes.


    When the phone was restarted iTunes asked me if I wanted to restore or set up as a new iPhone. I chose Restore.


    When restored my iPhone was at the latest version (5.1)

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    I can't even restore it.  iTunes won't recognize it when I plug it in.  I've downloaded very little on it, so I personally wouldn't care if it was reset back to it's factory settings.  However, the moment I turn it on it goes back to the iTunes/USB icon screen.

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    Update iTunes to the latest version. Reboot your PC and place the iPhone in a different USB slot. Does that help?

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    Try putting your handset in DFU mode.


    • Plug your iPhone to your computer (don't worry if iTunes doesn't pick it up)
    • Power OFF the device
    • Press BOTH the Power and Home key at the same time for at least 10 secs
    • Release ONLY the Power button (keep the Home key pressed)
    • iTunes will have picked up your handset in Recovery Mode
    • *Screen MUST still be black and not showing the iTunes USB logo* If so, repeat above.
    • Now click Restore


    You should see iTunes download (if not already) the lastest iOS firmware, you'll see the progress bar on the iPhone finally as it updates.


    See how that goes.


    It can take several goes to get the handset into DFU mode, the key is the iPhone screen is still OFF!

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    I just followed your instructions step by step and I'm still only seeing the iTunes/USB icon on my screen as soon as it turns on again, Will - T.


    As I said in the original post I've already tried all of those options, keymoo.

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    This fix frustrated me at first, but then I walked away, made a coffee, then patiently ran through the steps as they appear in this post. As predicted, iTunes finally allowed me to do a restore on my iphone, and all is now good.

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    Yes, well, I have the same problem except that I'm on vacation in China with my son with the phone being our connection in case we lose each other. The problem occurred out of nowhere and I have no laptop to 'restore' it, thanks a lot Apple for extremely expensive, unreliable products. Big fan here.