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The application wouldn't open and a question mark kept appearing over the icon whenver I attempted clicking it. I searched for it in my applications and could not find, along with using the spyglass search.


It has simply disappeared and I'm not sure how. Is reinstalling it using that startup disc by only option? Because to be honest, I'm not sure I still have it. I've tried looking for download links on apple's site, but none of them are working.



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    There are two main options but both require that you have the Install Disk (iChat 3 through iChat 5).


    OS X 10 .5.8 also uses Time Machine so that may be an option if you are making Backups.


    If you used Spotlight (Spyglass) and it could not find iChat then there is a chance it is not there.

    It should be in Applications (It always pays to look Manually just in case someone has accidentally changed the App name)


    As you seem to think you have misplaced your Install Disk do you make Time Machine Backups ?

    If so, go to the Applications Folder.
    Use the Time Machine icon in the DOCK.

    The Galaxy background should appear with the Applications window getting slightly smaller.

    Use the Arrows on the right to go back until you can see iChat in the window.

    Click on it to highlight

    Click Restore  (it will look like it is being "dragged" to the Front/Current Time window)


    Failing that check what is in the Trash  (double click it and it will open like any other folder)



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