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Hi there,


I am on the latest updates for my Mac and iPhone 4s.

iCloud syncs perfectly. No complaints there.


My iCal (iCloud) calendar set up on my Mac are as follows:






To make it easier for me to associate the same as my calendar names on my iCal on my Mac.

I have created Reminder Calendar using the same iCal Calendar for both name and color.



However on my iCal on the Mac, when I drag any Reminder to the iCal calendar, there is an error prompt pop up.


The Server responded with an error

"https://p03-caldav.icloud.com:443/192932320/principal/ is not a location that supports this request."

[Go Offline]  [Revert to Server]

Check the screenshot  image I have uploaded.


Why is this happening? Is there a way I can set up so it won't have this problem?

I even tried to change the names on my Reminder list in case it clashes with my iCal Calendars...but still same error appears.

Screen Shot 2012-03-12 at 4.57.27 PM.png

Macbook Pro 8GBRam 2.66 i7, Mac OS X (10.7)