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I have just received my brand new iPhone 4S and was super excited until I tried to restore the latest iCloud backup I did a couple of hours ago on my old 3GS...


Well it turns out my account only shows the backups from an old iPhone 4 I was borrowing months ago and completely ignores the backups from my iPhone 3GS which is the phone I have been using until today.


I have called Apple Care but they have proved to be totally useless and replied to my questions with "we don't have information on iCloud, you should go to www.icloud.com for that", but that website has 0 support on it, or the "sync with iTunes", but I have stopped using iTunes months ago and whenever I plug my phone to it it warns me that it'll replace what's on the phone with the iTunes library, which is something I really do not want, plus I simply do not understand for the life of me why are my backups not showing, the latest ones.

It is rather funny I paid an extra 70€ for extending my Apple Care support.


Has someone encountered the same issue? Any solutions? Is Apple perhaps going to pay attention to me over here?


It's so dissapointing spending 800€ on a mobile phone and getting frustrated for silly issues like this and the feeling that Apple does not have a clue on how to support its own products (seriously? we don't have information on iCloud? I hope the helpdesks for other countries are better than the Spanish one).


Thanks in advance for any help and best regards,

Enrique Pardo

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, iCloud backup/restore issues.
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    It sounds like you had backed up the 3GS on one iCloud account and the 4 on a different iCloud account.  Thus when you try to restore to the new 4S, you are probably using the account that had backed up the 4, not the one used with the 3GS.  Is that a possibility?

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    No Sadly I only have 1 iCloud account, plus it's the exact same e-mail/user I have on my 3GS, double-checked

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    as it turns out apple are havinf trouble with their servers lately. any backups made over the past few days aren't visible. not got any idea as to when this will change

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    Actually, I have managed to solve the issue on my own.


    First I tried deleting all my old iPhone 4 backups, then went back to the 4S and tried restoring... but then no backups were showing at all.

    So I decided to activate it as a new iPhone, then I checked the software version and noticed it was 5.0, so upgraded to 5.1


    Then I decided to wipe the iPhone again and try to restore: voilà, there were all my correct backups, including the one I made today.


    Such a simple solution, yet both of Apple technical support agents didn't even suggest it, no troubleshooting, no nothing. I should have saved the extra 70€ for the extension of Apple Care.


    Anyhow, I hope my solution helps someone else.

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    I have had a 4S for months.  After the recent 5.1 iOS upgrade,


    the manual backup option for iCloud is now missing.  Anyone else having this problem or know how to help?

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    Thank you epardo, updating my software first and then looking for recent backups worked for me too.

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    Thanks Epardo! That did the trick for me too.


    How come they don't say it anywhere?


    Thanks a bunch!

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    Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...  I just had to get a new iPhone due to battery issues...I had backed it up right before to iCloud, but the backup was missing....it was the same software issue.  I did the software upgrade, then reset all settings and tried to load from iCloud again and all of the backups were there.  Thanks for the post...I was having a panic attack...since no one at the Apple Store had mentioned this to me!

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    Thank you so much! This makes perfect sense actually since you can't get a phone on 5.0 and expect a backup from 5.1.1 to work. The same thing happened to me when I got a replacement at the Apple Store.


    To verfiy this though, you can go to General, iCloud, Storage & Backup, Manage Storage and see your backups there. Look to see if you have a really large backup and check the date of it. If that's your backup, just restore your phone (not update) and go through the procedures to get that backup back on your phone.


    Note that if you save your current backup to iCloud, you will only overrite it if it's the same serial number (as told to me by an Apple senior representative). So if you got a new phone like the previous posters and myself did, you should be fine to make a backup of what you currently have just to be safe.

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    Thank you very much epardo. You saved my day. It was so scary when the iPad reports that there are no available backup for restoring... then I panicked and searched in Google and found your post. I am updating it to v6.0.1 now and hopefully the backup will be shown by then.


    Thank you!

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    Has anybody had the same issue but the phone was already running the latest version of the software? i only see my ipad backups show up

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    There are only 3 things that would cause your backup to not appear: the device you backed up was running a more recent version of the iOS; you are signed into the wrong iCloud account; or the backup is no longer in iCloud.


    If the phone that was backed up was an iPhone 5 and was running the latest iOS (6.1.4), at this time it could only be restored to another iPhone 5 (as the latest iOS for other iPhones is currently 6.1.3).