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I tried to do the new IOS 5.1 update last night. I did it like I always do. I did a full sync. I then did a backup. I then told it to do the update.


It took forever to download as it always does and was in update process and then gave a 1602 error. The phone is now in the screen that shows the plug connecting to iTunes. iTunes does not show the phone in the devices section anymore.


I did some searching about this error and have had no luck trying everything that I found about it.


I have uninstalled everything per the Apple Article on how to completely remove everything.

I have reinstalled everything per the Apple Article. Still the same issue with the phone screen and iTunes not seeing the phone.


I also saw another article on Apple that said to follow the instructions for the error 1604. That article said to try to put the phone in restore mode. I have done everything it said to put in restore, but I can never get the phone to show up on iTunes.


Help me please. Anyone else have any luck figuring out these issues?


I have the iPhone 4 on the ATT network. It had the iOS 5.0.1 update on it before I tried to update to the iOS 5.1 update. I use a Windows 7 Professional PC. I had the iTunes version 10.6 installed.




Ben Zeiner

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Same thing happened to me. Had to force it to turn off . Went to the Apple store to get a techie to plug into their computer and it was recognised. They said it needed to be turned off for a while  Had to do a full restore. iPad had same problem and had to restore it to a new iPad as it kept crashing when I tried to restore computer backup.

    I am having trouble now with my email downloads.

    Definitely not worth upgrade.

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    I messed around with it for a while with no luck so I went to my local ATT store and dealt with my gal that has been helping me since the mid 90s.  She plugged it into her PC and luckily  it showed up on her iTunes so we did a full restore on her PC.  Once the full restore was complete we plugged into my PC and my iTunes finally acknowledged it.  So I chose the option to restore from prior backup (the one that I did right before I attemped the iOS update).  It went thru and did the restore from backup like it was supposed to but when it rebooted it wanted to set the phone up again.  I tried the restore from back up two more times, but the same outcome.  So finally I told it to just set up as a new phone and it finally let me get all the way into iTunes. Unfortunately I then had to redo all the foldering and everything on my phone, but luckily I did not lose anything to my knowledge.
    I have yet to update my iPad 2.  Time will tell if I will have to go thru everything again.