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I noticed, that I can add more than one avatar, but I am not sure how to put them to a good use - so how do you use your three avatars?

I like avatars - in a lengthy discussion the avatars help to find posts by a specific person at a glance, but that purpose surely would be defeated if everybody kept changing the avatars at will - so what to do with three of them?


  • Use different avatars like emoticons?
    • using a fierce looking avatar when answering a recalcitricant poster who is unwilling to answer any questions and refuses to read the manual
    • and switching to a  friendly, cute, angelic avatar when taking to a shy newbie?
  • Use a new avatar to celebrate a new reputation level?
  • Use different avatars for posting in different communities - a musical avatar in the GarageBand forum, a technical one in the System oriented boards, cool pictures in the Aperture and iPhoto communities?
  • Change your avatar as "Season's Greetings"?
  • Ignore them, but enjoy the knowledge and the privilege that you just might use them some day?


So what do you do with them? Just curious.




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