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I've been using iWeb but Apple isn't really "supporting" it any more, there are no updates and although it is relatively easy to use I don't like some of it.  I'd like to make a gallery for my photography site and I don't like the way iweb handles it.  I'd like to see a strip at the bottom or somehow be able to pick the pictues you see and a slideshow.. I just want a little more control and some options.


Has anyone used either Rapidweaver or Freeway Pro and if so what do you think?





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  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    There are lots of options for banners and slideshows to use in iWeb...




    Both RapidWeaver and Freeway are fairly expensive and are not nearly as easy to use as iWeb. You can download a list of iWeb alternates here...



    Use an external drive to run iWeb under Snow Leopard to maintain existing sites.

  • Jeff Nitschke Level 4 (2,655 points)

    I also like the design flexability of iWeb. Which, is the reason I have yet to move on to a replacement application.


    My site: iWeb version 3.0.4


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    I use PageSpinner and from personal experience I know it's not WYSIWYG.


    It does preview the page in a second application (PageViewer) when you type the code. But that's NOT WYSIWYG. There's not much to see if you do not know what to type.


    Update your file.


  • David L Phelps Level 3 (660 points)


    Freeway Pro offers a 30 day free trial which I'm doing right now. It seems pretty straight forward to me. iWeb has been great but it has been complicated to set up fading slide shows (motools slideshow 2!), drop down menus, etc. If you want to do things like this it looks like Freeway Pro may actually be easier to work with in the long run. It lets you preview in different browsers without actually publishing.



  • susan-kelly Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh I guess I'll have to try some of the free trials.  I've read good things about both Freeway and Rapidweaver so I was looking for comments on them.  I'm going to pass on writing code Wyodor... I actually can, I use to use Homesite on a PC about 10 years ago and wrote all my own code but it was a business then and now I'm just doing it for fun for me and family so I'm looking for a wysiwyg editor to keep it easy; even if they do write bloated code, I'm fine with that on a personal "fun" website.



  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,314 points)

    If you remember any of the basics of coding you might give the 30 day trial of Flux a try.  It combines drag and drop with WYSIWYG and coding. You can start with a blank page or use one of the templates they offer.  It can also open existing websites. 


    I found watching their video tutorials as I started on a test website to be extremely helpful.



  • susan-kelly Level 1 (0 points)

    Great idea, I'll go do that.  I do remember the basics of coding but not much about CSS.  I'll watch some tutorials tonight, thanks!!





  • Cyclosaurus Level 6 (12,915 points)
    I'd like to see a strip at the bottom


    you can do that with javascript, after all iweb photos page is loaded with javascript widgets. here is my example, click on any thumbnail:

    you need to know iweb widgets, javascript and DOM.


    no matter what sw you use, without knowing how it works, what it generates and controls over it. iweb, rapidweaver, freeway... it's all the same.

  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    If you know basic HTML and start with a ready made CSS stylesheet, using a WYSIWYG code entry style software is a lot easier than using Flux which is over complicated - like using a 14 pound hammer to crack an egg. You'll be able to built better, more flexible websites with cleaner code.


    I use Rage WebDesign. Taco is a really good, cheaper alternative and Fraise is free.

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    Well a lot of suggestions here, that I'm going to explore this weekend.  Again I'm doing fairly simple sites for my amature photography, my dog, friends.  So I don't need something that requires too much work. 


    Cyclosaurus... I tried that "strip" and just couldn't get it to to work.  I'm hoping one of the wysiwyg editors has a very simple soloution.  Like a lot of us I'm so overbooked and I need at least 30 hours in each day, and even then I'd be behind.  So I need it easy.


    Thanks very much for all your help!



  • Cyclosaurus Level 6 (12,915 points)
    and just couldn't get it to to work



    you won't be able to duplicate my process by looking at it and/or with the typical looking for the code, because the code is stealthily injected into the page.

    it'll take a lot of digging to find it because i like to hide it from prying eyse, well the regular trolls are already at it.

  • Alancito Level 6 (11,095 points)

    susan-kelly wrote:


    I'd like to see a strip at the bottom or somehow be able to pick the pictues you see and a slideshow.

    Susan ~ The free, web-based Weebly offers some choices — click on the image:




    ...They are also constantly improving:


    Slideshows & Photo Galleries: Better, Faster, and Mobile Friendly



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    I'd like to make a gallery for my photography site and I don't like the way iweb handles it.  I'd like to see a strip at the bottom or somehow be able to pick the pictues you see and a slideshow.

    Take a look at the examples on this demo page: SimpleViewer and Flash Album Exporter. The standalone SimpleViewer app to create the slideshow creates slideshows that are compatible with mobile devices.


    A similar slideshow can be created by jAlbum. It offers over 100 themes/skins from which to choose from.  All are iPad/iPhone compatible.



  • Eclipse Now Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd like to find out what people in this discussion are using now? Is that permitted?

    (EG: I'm 'bumping' this thread not because I'm a troll or anything, but because members here sounded like they were at the beginning of a journey and I'd like to hear how that went and what they are doing now).


    These are the alternatives to iWeb that tempt me.


    Freeway Pro



    or Flux?


    And of course Adobe Muse which looks AWESOME and would be the one I would buy automatically, but for the fact that it is subscription based. That's just rude. It could end up really expensive over the long term. I don't like being charged for software when it might just sit there for a year without being used. I like owning it outright, just in case I need it again in the next 5 years (or when this computer reaches end of life...)

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