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My problem is that when i try to update java to version 6 it never shows up on software update. when i go to the java website it says to do it via software update. Because of this i haven't been able to play runescape because it runs on java 6 but i only have java 5.0. So why doesn't java 6 show up when i search for new software on software update? Is it even possible for my mac to run java 6? I really need a solution, someone help me!!!!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I do not believe that Apple still supports Java updates in 10.5 and earlier.  Which is actually a problem, because that means you're vulnerable to a particularly nasty bit of malware at the moment, which can sneak in totally undetected through Java vulnerabilities.  You'd be wise to keep Java turned off in your web browser, or update to at least 10.6 to get the latest version of Java that Apple has, with those vulnerabilities patched.