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in iCloud is it better to backup to iCloud or to my macbook computer and why?

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    Backup to both.


    I only backup to icloud because my laptop is dead. Tested Restore from iCloud and it works.

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    larger sized ipads take up more room then you get free with icloud so you have to pay for more


    backup to icloud takes longer then to computer


    if computer dies you have a problem if you didn't take a backup of that too

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    ringtone is not working and my music isnt working

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    Unfortunately, you can't backup to both.  You have to pick one, or the other. 


    Things like pictures, contancts, Game Center, etc. will be synced regardless of your backup choice.  If you have a fast Internet connection and trust Apple, use iCloud.  If your connection is slow, or you worry about your data, do it locally.  I wish we could do both, but if I had to pick, I'd pick a local backup just because I'd rather have it there if I needed a quick restore.  Plus my apps and personal data are still being synced with iCloud so I'm not too worried about losing much.

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    I backup to both.  You can't have too many backups.  It takes a little extera time, but it's worth it.  When given the option in iTunes, back up to computer, then choose iCloud and back up again.

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    Why can't you backup to both? You can't backup to both at the same time but you can backup to both iCloud and to iTunes.

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    How do you back up to iTunes?

    Why wouldn't you just back up to your computer via a non-music program?

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    Lost in iTunes wrote:


    How do you back up to iTunes?

    Why wouldn't you just back up to your computer via a non-music program?

    The only way to backup an iOS device to a computer is through iTunes.


    I backup to iCloud (new iPad, 32gb, WiFi only) and haven't encountered any space issue with the free 5 gb yet. It is important to note that the backup is NOT the entire contents of the iPad, just select data and files.


    Since I also use iTunes Match, I can pretty much recover any lost data I need should the iPad fail. Only thing I might lose is some in app data, such as in games and some settings. Any content files - Word docs, PDFs, etc, I typically store in drop box, google docs, or move to the MacBook via drop copy. So I readily have second or third copies if needed.


    One caveat - I agree that there is an advantage to using both for backup, iCloud automatically (daily) and iTunes when you synch. However, I am running the new iPad as stand alone, so the iTunes back up is not an option until or if I choose to synch it. As of right now, I don't plan to.

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    James Ward4 wrote:.


    One caveat - I agree that there is an advantage to using both for backup, iCloud automatically (daily) and iTunes when you synch. However, I am running the new iPad as stand alone, so the iTunes back up is not an option until or if I choose to synch it. As of right now, I don't plan to.

    The reason that I backup to both is quite simple - because I can. I also use Time Machine and backup everything on my MacBook. I just feel a little more secure doing it this way - probably because this is the way that I got used to doing things - and I see no reason to change.


    I just like knowing that I have done as much as I possibly can to backup my iPad, my iPod Touch, my wife's iPod Touch and my Mac contents.


    Not to go way OT, but I received a new MacBook Pro from my wife and kids for Christmas past. I set it up with my Time Machine backup of my old MacBook and it was great. I can't remember exactly what I did back in March, but I hosed something on the MacBook so I restored the entire computer from a Time Machine backup. Man was I glad that I had that to fall back on!

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    Are using  a Time Capsule, or plugging a drive in for backups?


    I'm using Time Machine backups for the MacBook as well, but have never had to recover from a backup (knock on wood). I do have some acquaintances who have and were impressed.


    At some point I very well may need to synch to iTunes with the new iPad, at that point I'll like start doing routine backups there as well. It's. Or a bad practice. But, the data on the iPad that really matters to me is retrievable through iTunes, or elsewhere, so I don't see it as a major issue at all.

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    I'm using a Maxtor hard drive, not a Time Capsule. For quite a while I let Time Machine backup every hour on the hour but then realize that I was just filling up the drive and there was no need to backup every hour - especially if I wasn't using the Mac. I leave the Mac turned on all day and when it goes to sleep, the backups stop. But it was annoying that the first thing that the Mac wanted to do when I started to use it, was to start another unecessary backup.


    I have gone to the approach of just enabling Time Machine and selecting Backup Now - and typically I do that when I am done using the Mac.


    BTW ... If you are running Lion .... Is it me or does it take an unusually long time for the Mac to wake up from sleep compared to earlier versions of OS X.

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    The current MBP had SL on it for about thirty minutes, before Lion was installed, so no way to lell from it. Don't seem to that issue with the previous one. I'll try to remember and pay attention next time i use it. I have had some issues with the eternal beach ball on login, but sporadically, and it seemed to be associated with a DNS issue between the DSL modem and the the Airport Extreme (now fixed). The biggest issue I have is with the auto logout. It works, but fails to paint the login screen. Leaves the last screen in place and you have to use the cursor to wipe it and find the login. Very weird and extremely frustrating for my wife (it's actually her machine). May have been resolved with one of the recent updates, I haven't checked.

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    I would like to suggest a fully bootable backup on an external hard drive done on a daily basis and perhaps in addition to Time Machine. The advantage of the fully bootable backup (for example superduper or a program like carbon copy cloner – and although I strongly recommend SuperDuper! it may just be my personal preference) – is that you can connect this external drive via FireWire maybe even USB in case your internal hard drive fails at and immediately boot from this.


    For me I find that time machine slows down my Mac too much. I may retry Time Machine but for now I have about 8 Gb of my important data constantly backed up fire SugarSync.  This program is similar to the much more well known dropbox cloud program, but SugarSync is much more sophisticated. What do I mean by that? Well because you don't have to put all your files or folders that you wish to back up in a separate drop box folder. You can backup any folder or file and have it appear in the cloud or on another computer in the exact same location.  I use this in conjunction with a wonderful program "Power Manager" to set back up times daily, weekly etc.


    Hope this helps, but sounds like you have a good system.


    Best regards,       Steve Schulte

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    Do both, yes i know old topic but it's bears repeating.


    Backup your device by Right clicking on it and choosing backup and at night leave it plugged in charging and have it back up. The initial backup will be large but subsequent icloud backup's are delta (differentials) so only back up what's new/changed.


    Do both ....