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Hi everyone,


Have any of you noticed poor PQ on Netflix via Apple TV?  I signed up the other day for my one month trial and I am VERY dissapointed in the PQ.  Non HD programming is worse than my non HD cable feed and the "HD" content is undoubtedly the worst HD I have EVER seen.  Colours are faded, picture is blotchy, very noticeable pixelation, etc.  Truth be told, it actually looks like a bad regular def cable feed only widescreen.  By comparison, the HD content purchased through iTunes is INCREDIBLE.  In fact, I find it far superior to my cable HD feed.


I have a 50 inch Panasonic 1080p capable set and I know I'll only get 720p, but still, the HD quality is ridiculous.  On a scale of 100, I'd say that BR through my PS3 would be 100, purchased iTunes content would be 90, my cable HD feeds would be 75-80 and Netflix would be 30. Yes, it's that bad, LOL. 


Is this normal in your experience?  Any thoughts or suggestions? 


Thanks so much!

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