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I used to do this in PhotoShop 4, but this program is no longer compatible with the iMac. I'm too low-ended to use Adobe Photo Elements. Hence, trying to find a program that one can design their text as 'titles' headlines on display boards, PPT presentations and iWeb. The text then can be saved either as PDF or JPEG thereby avoiding font subsitution when placed in other people's documents especially in iWeb. I have PrintShop for the Mac, but I find there is not enough scope for designing text titles.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Depending on your level of exigence, iCalamus or QuarkXpress may be what you want. Or Pages.

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    Thank you, for your informaton. Not a rush. I am unfamiliar with all the software you have mentioned and I know they are very expensive. I was hoping there was a single program that was Mac-friendly that one could design typography alone and enhance it accordingly similar to what could be done in PhotoShop 4. The downside of not being a graphic artist.



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    Do you want to design a type face, or "decorate" an existing face? If the latter, look at Art Text 2.


    Like This.png


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    Hi, Walt,


    Yes, to enhancing an existing type face as you have indicated. I'm not a graphic artist [wish]. I hope Art Text 2 is Mac-friendly. Will check it out.


    Many thanks! Appreciate your assistance. Will post my success, hopefully.



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    There is a free "lite" version of Art Text 2 available in the Mac App Store.



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    Hi, Peggy,


    Thanks, Peggy, for the information. Appreciate your mentioning this to me. I saw that when checking out the program via Google search. I've downloaded a free trial from the program company to investigate it's potential. Looks like this is what I am searching for. I'll check out both sources for prices.