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I understand Appleworks will no longer work once my computers are upgraded to Lion. I'm hoping someone can suggest a simple replacement for the graphics editing features. Here is a typical workflow for what I need to do (create graphics for mathematics teaching documents):


  1. Create a paint file, and paste in one or more graphs created elsewhere (in a symbolic algebra program usually). These are black-and-white.
  2. Add shading to regions and/or things like tangent lines, points, circles (easy).
  3. Add labels and other text, usually created in Equation Editor, pasted in to a drawing window in Appleworks, scaled to 50%, then pasted into the paint window.


I don't need a super powerful program, just something that can edit in black-and-white at the pixel level. Simpliciy preferred.


Is there such a creature? I've looked at GraphicConverter, which does most of this, but I don't seem to see how to easily resize something pasted in from Equation Editor.

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    GraphicConverter is great for replacing the paint module in AppleWorks. I switched to GC long before AppleWorks was even last updated.


    There are a number of vector graphic apps around. Unfortunately, I can't find a list on iWork Tips & Tricks, but you might take a look through the various topics.


    A search for vector on MacUpdate came up with these results. I did buy Sketch & DrawIt some time ago based on a recommendation by others, but haven't really used them.



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    Have you had a look at 'Grapher' which is in your utilities folder.  You input functions as in y = x^2 and it plots the function for you.  You can use it as an equation editor too as it will display the function in its proper format eg in the above example no ' ^ ' and the 2 is displayed in super script and you can cut and paste this onto the graph (see below) or into another document altogether. Your plot can be saved in a number of formats eg pdf, jpeg, etc for display as is or you can incorporate them into a powerpoint / keynote / open office presentation and add further text or graphics. 


    The example below is a simple graph with the function pasted into it and exported as a jpeg file.


    I'm suggesting this different approach as you my well find that your equation editor also stops working when you upgrade.



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    and a further example using keynote...Untitled.jpg

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    Try out Pages in the iWork suite. To get the formulas you can use MathType (seperate application) which can be intergrated in Pages. There are shapes and lines to use in Pages and you can add other graphic if you like.


    http://www.apple.com/iwork/download-trial/  You might need to do Software updates.