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There is obviously an issue with the latest release of iTunes (10.6). I receive the same error message 0x80092013. The previous version of iTunes worked fine for me. Now I cannot even check for a new vesion of iTunes (check for updates). When I select "check for updates" from the help menu, I receive an error message "The iTunes update server could not be contacted, check your Internet connection or try again later". Also, if I run the network connectivity diagnostic under the help menu, the secure link to iTunes store fails. It is worth noting that no modifications were made to the computer before upgrading to iTunes version 10.6. I disabled the windows firewall temporarily for testing purposes. Ultimately everything I tried has failed.


I spent 8 hours working on this yesterday. I spoke with two senior apple support technicians and allowed on of them to remote into my system. They could not figure out the problem either. The apple senior technicians were stumped. I provided some diagnostic information to the Apple senior technician to forward to the Apple software engineers, but I never received a response back.


It is worth noting the following attempted fixes did not work:

  • Unistall and reinstall iTunes
  • Refresh of DNS (this is basically done by reseting your modem)
  • Preferred DNS entry entered at the request of the senior apple technician
  • Windows firewall disbled
  • Uninstalled anti virus program (Norton 360)
  • Netshare Winsock Refresh

Suffice to say that there are numerous problems with this version of iTunes. As a result, I am unable to sync my multiple apple devices, or purchase/update apps from the iTunes store. My only hope is that Apple will release a new version of iTunes soon.........

Windows 7
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    I'm having the exact same problem with iTunes on a PC running Windows XP-SP3. Additionally, iTunes will not close properly - it continues to run unless I kill it in Windows Task Manager. Uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes fixed nothing and I followed Apple's steps to the letter. Refreshing DNS did nothing.


    iTunes doesn't recognize my AirPort Express unit anymore either. The latest AirPort software and firmware upgrades (a month ago or so?) clobbered it. The AirPort Utility sees it on my wireless network, but not iTunes. And yes, I've power cycled/reset the cable modem and wireless router umpteen times. Nada.


    This is beyond frustrating. I've been using iTunes for years without any major trouble - until now. Could be my imagination, but it seems that each successive release makes matters worse.


    Come on Apple. I love your products (2 iPods, 2 iPhones and an iPad) but you are really testing my patience.

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    If you are still having these type of problems after trying the winsock reset, refer to this article to identify which software in your system is inserting LSP:

    iTunes 10.5 for Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store


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    Thanks, wiclee but I ran the Windows app and the only software program inserting an LSP is Bonjour. I also tried deactivating the firewall (AVG 2012) and that did nothing. Also checked the firewall settings for iTunes and it is set to "allow for all." So the frustration continues.

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    Add another to the list.. I am also getting the same error.  Itunes version on an XP Pro machine.  Fingers crossed Apple pull their finger out and find a solution...

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    Thanks Wiclee for your suggestion.  I went a step further and disabled the windows firewall, and totally removed Norton 360.  This left my system very vulnerable, but I did so in hopes of finding the root cause of the problem.  No matter what I try,  I cannot connect to the iTunes secure store link. If I run the network connectivity diagnostic under the help menu, the secure link to iTunes store fails.  I believe this is the source of the issue.  I am perplexed based on the fact that the only change to my system was the update to iTunes 10.6.  I wish I had the old version 10.5 back because it worked. 


    Suffice to say, if the Apple Senior Technician folks cant figure out the problem,  then my only hope is to wait for the next release of iTunes and try again. For now, I have removed iTunes 10.6 and purged my Windows 7 system of all apple software.  Everything continues to work perfect (all software programs) on my system. The absolute only problem I had was with iTunes 10.6.


    It is worth noting that I made multiple phone call attempts to Apple and spoke with several senior technicians.  All of which said they would call me back after speaking with the software engineers.  I am still waiting. No one from Apple has tried to call me, or send me an e-mail.

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    Note 1 - I decided to install the previous version of iTunes ( I guess my curiosity got the best of me... Guess what? Everything works perfect with this version of iTunes ( No problems or issues.


    Note 2 - For the heck of it, I did the upgrade to iTunes version 10.6 from version just to see what would happen. Now I have the same connectivity issues. The secure link to iTunes store fails, error 0x80092013 issues etc...


    Note 3 - removed iTunes 10.6 and reinstalled version (You have to make sure to restore the previous iTunes library)... Guess what... iTunes fine for me on Windows 7.


    Everyone, Apple will not admit it, but there are multiple problems with iTunes 10.6. If you are using a windows 7 OS, I highly recommend skipping version 10.6 and wait for the next release of iTunes. Please do not waste your time calling Apple support. They will not help you. You will spend hours on the phone with "Senior" tech's, who will try to help, but ultimately will not fix anything. This is a software engineering issue with version 10.6.


    It sure would be nice if Apple owned up to their errors.

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    I have the same problems as soapy. Tried the same. Support sent me to try the forums, DNS and netsock. been there done that. Still have issue.

    Add me to the 30,

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    Add me to the list also. I have two PC's one with Windows 7 one with XP seeing the same issue. No help from apple also.. Oh well. I just need to figure out how to go back to 10.5 whatever...


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    So sorry you guys are having so much trouble. I worked on mine for over 40 hrs. In my case I just didn't realize there was a new version of my antivirus program, upgraded & it fixed everything. Although, with all of the other stuff I did before that I can't guarantee that was the ONLY thing that fixed it. Sorry uninstalling Norton didn't work for you.

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    Yep, exactly the same issues for me, and I have tried every troubleshooting step listed here.


    Gracenote is also now hanging iTunes when trying to retrieve track names - is this a linked issue?

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    Same issues - tried the advice here http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4123, ran Autoruns as suggested, and eventually uninstalled the non-Apple programs that showed up on the Winsock Providers tab - connectivity was restored after that. Haven't yet tried re-installing the two programs that I uninstalled to see which one was causing the conflict. Good luck!

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    This morning I did the auto update to iTunes 10.6 on a Mac (running 10.6.8). Same problem.


    Error = "We could not complete your ITunes Store request. The network connection was lost. There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later."


    I have been trying all morning. Same error each time.


    Any fixes for this same problem on a Mac?

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    please add me to the known 30!, i have been trying to resolve this issue for the past week and have had no joy or support from apple. I am in the uk and have an old version of itunes installed on xp which has always been great and fast. Trying to upgrade on windows 7 using the latest version of itunes is just one problem after another, i am unable to make any purchases as i cannot connect to the store. Consider me an old customer lol.