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  • upsilone Level 1 (0 points)

    1) Plug your device to your Mac or PC.

    2) open iTunes, and open your device settings

    3) under your device settings, click on the music tab.

    4) uncheck all your music files, including albums and artists.

    5) sync your device (with no music on it)

    6) check your iTunes library and ensure each music piece has an album artwork. If that's not the case, you will have to add one yourself (google it to see how).

    7) go back to your device's music settings, and check all the songs you want to have synced.

    8) sync your device.


    That should fix it.

  • rosenfromphoenix Level 1 (0 points)

    OK people. I had this problem. On my iPhone the music art work gets scrambled. I notised that it accures when I add ne songs. The only salution I have found is to dilete the "MediaLibrary.sqlitedb" and then every thing is back to normal. So I just folow Ed14304 directions.

  • abernaert Level 1 (15 points)

    If it was that simple it would be fixed for everybody already.
    Deleting MediaLibrary.sqlitedb seems to be the only solution that really works (but to much of a hassle to try for me).


    I would suggest to install a few big apps until iPhone can't install any more.
    Delete all music by unchecking and sync the apps that would not sync before.

    After that delete the unwanted apps and recheck the music/podcasts you want on your iPhone.


    If it was an accident I don't know, but this fixed my artwork issue in 10 minutes.

  • olaf-the-hairy Level 1 (5 points)

    Apologies if this has been mentioned previously, but if not it may help some people.


    I noticed that iTunes does not sync changes if isolated to Album Artwork only. That said, if you change some other aspect of an Album's information in iTunes, irrespective of how small (just a punctuation mark or an extra space somewhere); any updated album artwork will be included in the next sync.


    This works for me and will hopefully help some, if not all of the other people experiencing problems.

  • RadianLuke Level 1 (0 points)

    Here's what worked for me (haven't seen this solution yet, but haven't read every page):


    * I wanted to change the cover art of a song that already had art (so it would be child-appropriate).

    * When changing it through a playlist on my PC, then uploading it to the iPod Touch, the cover art would not update (tried to copy, sync, and also delete-then-copy, none of which worked).

    * Then I found the song in the main Music library and changed the cover art there.

    * Finally, I copied the song over to the iPod Touch's playlists, and deleted the old version.


    Now the new cover art is used on the iPod.


    This worked on 3 separate songs (whittled down the steps in subsequent attempts).

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    My problem was not related to specific songs.


    Instead, NO track in my iPhone was showing any album art, although almost every track in iTunes had a corresponding album art. Zero album art on my device. Nothing.


    I fixed it by deleting some files in my iPhone using free software like iFunbox or iExplorer.


    What you need to do is remove all music from your device, then use the above software to:


    Navigate to “iTunes_Control/Artwork” and delete “ArtworkDB.”

    Navigate back to “iTunes_Control” and access “Music” and delete everything in this folder.

    Navigate to the “iTunes_Control/iTunes” folder–delete all the contents of “Artwork”.

    Navigate to the “iTunes_Control/iTunes” folder and delete every file starting with Medialibrary.***


    Then hard-reset your device (hold power and home button for a few seconds until the apple logo appears) and re-sync your music.


    I found this in


    I hope it works for you too. Cheers!

  • KenBNZ Level 1 (0 points)

    Great work guys. Thanks Ed this certainly seems to work well.


    FWIW I didn't use FunBox but connected the iphone up to my Ubuntu Linux machine which gives you direct access to the iPhone and allows you to follow Ed's advice but using the Linux file manager to carry out the renaming of MediaLibrary.sqlitedb as per Ed's post. 

    Cheers all.

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    I want to add myself to the list of people that were helped by this. Hopefully people will find this without wasting an innordinate amount of time trying to resolve the issue. What I did to resolve my art now showing:

    all art was compatible and properly tagged

    art did not show after syncing a newly rebuilt iTunes library

    unplugged my iPod

    using a file manager on my iPod, I browsed to /var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes

    I renamed MediaLibrary.sqlitedb to MediaLibrary.sqlitedb.bak (name it whatever you want)

    I then plugged the iPod back in and resynced. Everything is now working. I did not reboot the iPod at any point.

  • Stormblade016 Level 1 (0 points)

    There is just too many a number of solutions that is specific to a few, or a single person. I hope Apple will once and for all just fix this issue. Will try some of these great solutions you guys posted when I get home. In the mean time, I'll keep my fingers crossed that Apple will finally put this baby to bed. I'd really like to look at my Music App and  see all of my albums with their proper covers.

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    The fundamental thing to have artwork always showing is to embed the artwork to the music file so that the artwork can be transferred along with the music files. Tenorshare Music Cleanup comes in for help. This program automatically finds artwork for all the songs in your music collection and then you can embed the artwork in just a click.

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    Does this work if you subscribe to/use iMatch???

  • RobertoV05 Level 1 (0 points)

    Following the advice of Ed14304  and Bill-SWVA, I was able to restore all the album art (over 6,000 songs) on my ipod touch 4


    Thank you!

  • RobertoV05 Level 1 (0 points)

    In case you missed it, here is their step by step advice, however I skipped step 3 and it still worked:



    1. Back up your iPhone to your PC using iTunes.


    2. On your PC, download and install iFunBox, a free utility that will allow you to access the system files on your iDevice; (try


    3. On your iPhone, go to Settings\General\Usage\Storage\Music and swipe and delete All Music. (probably not necessary)


    4. Turn off your iPhone, then restart it.


    5. Put your iPhone in Airplane mode so it will not be disturbed while syncing.


    6. Make sure iTunes is not set to start automatically when a device is connected and close it on your PC if open.


    7. Run iFunBox and connect your iPhone via cable to your PC. Look for the "iFunBox Classic" tab and click on it.


    8. Connect your iPhone via cable to your PC.


    9. Your device will appear under "Connected Devices" in iFunBox.


    10. Navigate to the file, "MediaLibrary.sqlitedb" in folder "Raw File System>iTunes_Control>iTunes."


    11. Rename, "MediaLibrary.sqlitedb" to, "MediaLibrary.sqlitedb.backup." (Note: Do not rename or delete, "MediaLibrary.sqlitedb-shm" or, "MediaLibrary.sqlitedb-wal." Neither of these are the file you're after!)


    12. When done, eject / dismount your iDevice from iFunBox, then disconnect the cable.


    13. Close iFunBox. Reboot your device again by turning power off and back on. (Again, may not be necessary, but it wouldn't hurt.)


    14. Start iTunes on your PC and reconnect your device to the sync cable.


    15. Sync your device. When done, be sure to eject / dismount your iPhone from iTunes before disconnecting the cable.


    16. Take your phone out of Airplane mode.


    17. Check to see that your album artwork has returned.

  • UTFreek Level 1 (0 points)

    Just got through with your suggestion (Skipping step three). Worked perfectly! Thank You El Mucho!

  • RobertoV05 Level 1 (0 points)



    Glad to hear it worked for you too!  The album art problem only effected half my songs, so I was nervous about wiping out all my music before proceeding.  That's why I skipped step 3.