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I'm completely new to Aperture, so maybe this is a really "stupid" question.


First some data:


     MacBook Pro early 2011 model.

     MAC OS X 10.7.3

     Aperture 3.2.2


I've imported some photo's.

One photo I need to straighten.

I've selected this particular photo and from the Adjustments "tab", Adjustments button, I added the "Straighten" tool.

It showed up and displays:


     Angle: 0.0


According to the Help information there should also be shown a slider which can be used to change the angle/amount of adjustment.

However, there is no slider displayed.


I've quit and restarted Aperture, had my Mac check for outstanding Software Updates (none found, System is up to date), selected and deselected the picture etc. but still no slider displayed nor can I select the "0.0" behind "Angle" to directly enter a value (as I can do at, for instance, Exposure=>Exposure or White Balance=>Tint).


Any idea how to fix this or is this a bug in Aperture 3.2.2?


Kind regards,



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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