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My problem is that I have been a Mobile Me user for the past couple of years, and because of that a second Apple ID was generated in addition to the one I've been using for years. When iCloud was introduced last fall I did everything I was supposed to in setting it up, but it is evident that the syncing is not working as it should. In checking, I am certain this is because I now have two active Apple IDs. I would assume this is a common issue with all who were/are Mobile Me users.


The online help says you can't merge two IDs. Okay. What I want to do is to get rid of the Moble Me ID and only use my regular Apple ID. But the help on that issue seems to only give instructions for setting up the iCloud account. It seems that when I go into my iCloud accounts, both on my iPhone and my Mac, I can view the ID but there is no way to change them to another ID or to eliminate the account.


Please help. I am a long-time Apple user and this really should be a fairly simple matter to take care of, but this is one issue where the normally user-friendly Apple way of life is giving me fits. Thanks.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1