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how do you delete purchase history

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    It is not possible to alter Apple's purchase records. That said, you can hide or unhide purchases on your Purchase Page in iTunes. These articles provide more info:





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    I purchase from badoo but my cridet not enough so how I can cancel it

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    You cannot cancel a purchase once you click buy. According to the iTunes Store Terms of Sale, all purchases are final. If you do not have the money on your card to pay for it, you cannot use your account until you do. Or you can use an alternate payment method. Until you pay the outstanding balance you can't make new purchases or update Apps.

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    u cannot permanently delete your purchase history but u can hide them if u want to. Go to App store icon on the iphone then go to updates on down, right hand side corner on the iphone screen. Now u are able to see the list of applications u have downloaded or installed.


    Just swipe or sweep u r finger to right hand side or left hand side (any side just swipe very gently) then u will get a red button showing hide option. just tap it. That's it. Now if u give u r iphone to anyone they cannot see what u hide. but if they got u r apple ID & password and if they connect u r iphone to itunes they can still see what u r hiding.


    u can find this hiding/unhiding option on itunes aswell. open itunes software & click on itunes store option on rihgt side of u r screen and then login to u r account (click on right side, top, corner sigin button). on the account information page u will see all the details of u r accounts, purchases, hiding purchases etc...


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    It took me ten minutes to clear all of mine, just keep the apps you want, sign out of your apple id, and create a new one, really easy . all dissapeared,

    hope this helps everyone

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    My iPhone (amongst other items) got stolen some weeks back. It was an old iPhone, iCloud/Find my iPhone was not installed. It now seems that someone is downloading free apps from my apple ID, I can see new apps popping up in the purchase history on my iPad. I had changed my apple password straight away. Is there any chance to track the gadget based on that? If not, how can I stop that stuff the guy is downloading appearing in my purchase history?