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Should I get an external hard drive or large capacity flash drive to back up data from my  aged Powerbook G4 before it dies?

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    If strictly for file backup, either would work. However, it's best to get an external Firewire connected hard drive to use as a backup of your entire PB HD. Then, if you have problems on your PB, you can boot using the external HD. Older Macs can't boot from USB connected drives.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks!! I will be venturing out to BestBuy AGAIN!!! I bought Free Agent GoFlex 500 External Hard Drive and found out that my PB could not boot from the USB drive. UUGH!! Since my PB is older it has been one thing after another. I will be purchasing a new MacBook Pro soon! Thanks again.

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    Can I keep the GoFlex 500 and add a USB A to 5 Pin Mini B Cable- Auxillary USB "Y" Power Design for external hard drives or just return it and buy the FireWire connected HD?

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    You wrote:

    Thanks!! I will be venturing out to BestBuy AGAIN!!


    Please read this thread:


    IMAC 21.5 purchased at Best Buy


    before venturing out. It is but one of a number o threads around here reporting trouble with getting Apple warranty coverage with Macs bought through Best Buy. That leaves you only Geek Squad support--that's the junior varsity. There are too many unresolved gray issues for me to lay down money for a Mac from them. I like their store and buy other stuff there, but I get my Macs directly from Apple.

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    Thanks!! I was actually venturing out to buy either a new external hd or a flash drive. However, this information is very helpful as I was contemplating BestBuy for my next Mac because I thought the warranty with BB was supposed to be a good deal. You are right Mac's cost too much to have gray issues when it comes to warranty. Thanks again!!

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    If you are going to buy a new MacBook Pro then the USB drive will work as a bootable backup.

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    I'd second that call to buy from apple, especially since you won't save any money going to BB.


    Also, I have a WD 2TB external that is firewire and it is not bootable, however my 750 gb Lacie is bootable.  I'm not sure why this is the case.  Maybe because the WD is being used as a 1TB mirrored raid?