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I am a new iphone 4s user when I plug my phone in at night or charge it, it will not ring it only vibrates if someone calls or texts me it will only vibrate. I have checked the slider button on the side its not stuck on anything like that, the sound settings are fine i have a ringtone for both calls and texts. I have called apple and they suggested to do a back up and restore which i have done that and the phone will ring with a call but not a text so i'm still having the same problem.? My husband has the same problem & we got the phones at the same time, ( we thought it was a setting and we weren't familar with them yet) I have looked online and havent managed to find a resolution to this issue yet. I hate to take the phone back but its frustrating when you miss important texts =( Any Suggestions???

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    When you look at the left side of the phone, you'll see the toggle switch and two round buttons. With the toggle switch, do you see color as in orange or red there? If so, you need to flip it so you can not see the color at all.

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    I've checked that and it is working fine it switches back and forth fine. the orange isnt showing its not on vibrate. thats the confusing part orange isnt showing plug it in and its like it automatically wants to vibrate? i dont touch any settings it just does it??? its weird

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    And the volume is up on it?


    Have you restored it to a new device or from a backup?

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    the volume is all the way up. i backed up all my pictures and apps and everything hit restore and then after it did all of that i had an option to i guess bring back my calendar and contacts and all of that and i did do that. Should i not have done that?

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    Katie_Bug, thanks for the tip. I was going crazy trying to figure this out. I just got the phone two days ago and I must have hit the switch when I put my new Otterbox case on it. I feel silly


    I work in IT and couldn't figure this one out.


    It just goes to show great people come from Indiana!



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    thank you Katie, that was it, i put it in a case and it must have been right on the edge of flipping it.  All fixed!