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I'm planning on buying an Apple TV to connect to my TV and AV receiver. My receiver has of course a LAN plug. I just want it to be connected to my wifi network so that I can control it through an iPad app. Is it possible for the Apple TV to do that? I have an Airport Express now but it would be stupid to get the Airport and the Apple TV next to each other, I'm gonna use the Express for another room.


Any idea?



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    The ATV can be controlled with an just and iPad. The  only two wired connect the ATV need are power and the HDMI connection. The HDMI connection can either be run through your AV reciever or directly to the TV. If you have a strong wireless signal on the ipad&ATV from the Airport it should work without needing the Airport express.  

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    If you are asking whether you can connect the Apple TV to your network by wifi and use its ethernet port to bridge the network to your receiver, then no you can't do that.

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    Yes, that was the question.

    Alright, that's a pity then. The Apple TV is for sure done to be connected to a AV receiver, at least for the sound. With all the new AV receiver with network capabilities, weird that the Apple TV doesn't provide a bridge.




    Damian, I meant to connect the iPad to the AV receiver, not the Apple TV.