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Hi all,


I'm using a second monitor with my MBP, in clamshell mode. I recently upgraded to Lion. In the past, once hooked up to the external monitor, it would look exactly like my main screen, except larger. Now, it shows the default wallpaper. Why doesn't in mirror exactly my MBP screen? (I do have it set to mirror in the monitor preferences...) Thanks.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3), KVM switch to share monitor w/G5
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    When you are using the MBP in clamshell mode, there is nothing on the built-in screen for the external screen to mirror, so it presents the default desktop image. Open System Preferences > Desktop and Screen Saver and select the desktop image or folder of images you want it to use.


    The desktop will also revert to the default image if you've selected an image or images from an iPhoto Library, you have more than one iPhoto Library, and the currently active iPhoto Library (the last one you opened) is not the one containing your chosen image. If you don't have more than one iPhoto Library, this situation will never arise, and you can ignore this paragraph.

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    Thanks, eww, for the speedy response. Actually, I don't use iPhoto for my images. So, if I'm making the correct inferences, it looks like I have to tell it where to find the preferred image. With the Lion upgrade it lost the connection (because it's not in my iPhoto library)?

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    The connection was lost, yes. I don't know the reason and won't guess at it. Create a new connection, and see whether it sticks.

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    Interestingly enough, I hadn't had the chance yet to give your suggestion a try, and after a restart it is now behaving normally. I did another permissions repair yesterday, maybe that fixed it. Hmmph.


    The other thing is that I don't plug everything in until it's completely started up. I'm using a KVM switch, to share the monitor/USB keyboard/speakers with a pre-Intel G5--so I plug into the MBP a monitor cable, usb for keyboard, headphone jack for speakers, then FW and USB external HDs--but only after I've logged myself in. It's a little different routine with Lion, not having to put the MBP to sleep, just hit the KVM switch, close it and it switches over. Much nicer.


    Anyway, all seems to be well now. THANK YOU for your advice.

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    I had the same problem, but a simple restart fixed it.