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    I bought a leather case from Brookstone for my iPad and absolutely love it.  It's genuine leather, covers entire iPad and has a magnetic, removeable keyboard that can also be used on other BT devices.  The keyboard does not run on batteries, it is rechargeable instead.  It holds a charge forever and has full size keys, because it's magnetic you can position the keyboard anyplace you like on the cover.  I highly recommend this case, though a bit pricey it's worth every penny.  Brookstone does have another one with a built in keyboard but the case isn't leather and the keyboard is not removeable. Hope this helps.

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    For the iPad 3 case I'm favor of the GMMM iPad 3 genuine leather case with keyboard, for I have to write down some records in a short while yet it's too hard to do by fingers,GGMM keyboard case support it very well and the genuine leather case is much better than others' in protection and durable itself...

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    I haven't had anything but good luck with this one *knocks on wood*


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    I am searching for a case myself for my new ipad. Found a good review of a bunch of iPad case brands. The review itself is a really good. But, Reviwer seems a bit on a crazier side to me. Goes from a excellent review to salesman haggling you by offering a prize for watching video to making his young son shoot an iPad case. Hadn't had such a mixed bag for a ime. But, review is real googd.


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    I bought a cygnett works great for me in Brisbane Australia

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    Apple now makes a "Smart Case," which is like their Smart Cover except it also covers the back.

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    I have a iPad 1 and the New iPad. The best case that I have found is the Acme iPad case. I have a red and a black one. The case does fit all iPads! Here is the link to their website.,39,3.htm

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    I feel like this one is a pretty classy case.  One of the best looking iPad 3 cases I've seen


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    I found this really cool custom made ipad 2 case   Everywhere I go people ask me where I got it

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    I am a huge fan of the Snugg Case.  It is a beautifully crafted top quality leather case which fits the functionality of the iPad 2 & 3 perfectly. Everything is fully accessible and the iPad is completely protected. This is the top-of-the-line iPad case for business use or the busy student. The iPad is fully functional in every case position and there are no problems with operation in any case position.  I'll just add that I was amazed and happy to see it is exactly what I wanted: An exceptionally crafted leather case for the iPad that doesn't get in the way of the great iPad features.  It also puts the Apple magnetic cover to shame.


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    You seem to be an anonymous shill for the Snugg company. I am not a shill, and I will stand behind my comments with my name. I'm a long-time, extensively published, reviewer of Apple products.  The Snugg case IS NOT "TOP QUALITY LEATHER." It's polyurethane made to look like leather. The case has nothing like the durability of real leather, as anyone can read in the Amazon reviews for the product linked in your note.


    Although the Amazon ad doesn't say so, Snugg custeomer service will admit their deception if you press them.  They call it "PU leather". The PU part is right: this scam stinks to high heaven. When held to task on this point, Snugg says "this use of the term 'leather' is common in the industry." Not in the US it isn't. The Fedderal Trade Commission says you cannot call polyurethane "genuine leather", let alone "top quality" leather.


    If we customers do not hold sellers accountable for false advertising, nobody else will. Certainly not Amazon. As far as I can tell, the majority of the positive reviews in the Amazon ad are from first-time reviewers. This also stinks. The negative reviews are from people with a track record.


    It is sad to see a company so blatantly cheating customers.


    -Mel Beckman

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    Templeton Peck is helpful like that. I have noticed several responses to different topics similar In nature to the you got; got one Personally to a question I asked. Good luck on your seArch!

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    I still like Apple's smart cover the best. I saw a bunch of people online talking about the Caudabe Shell to protect the back so I picked it up and am pretty happy with it so far ( 1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1355120205&sr=1-1&keywords=caudabe+shell). Also got my eye on the Incipio Smart Feather but I'm not sure if I will like the lock-in mechanism. Plus it's a bit more expensive than the Caudabe cover.

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    I've got the Caudabe Shell as well and it's worked out fine so far. Highly recommended. I like it better than the Smart Feather because it doesn't have that lock-in mechanism. It feels a bit thinner than the Smart Feather, too.


    The SwitchEasy ones are good too but I think the bars on the speaker part are ugly. The Caudabe Shell has a nice little cutout for the speaker. some might want more protection, but I like the open look better.

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    I think it depends on how you use your iPad.  These are my 3 cases for how I use my iPad



    For work: Bear Motion Case because it has real leather, but it doesn't cost a fortune




    For the kids: Otterbox Defender Case because nothing protects iPads better




    For typing: Kensington Keyboard Case because the case has the keyboard stored with it



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