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  • JiminSF Level 1 (0 points)

    I contacted iTunes support but the reply I got was useless and actively irritating, the person had clearly not read any of the thread even though I had provided a link for background and responded with "Apple is constantly working with content providers to expand the iTunes Store catalog and to make more items available in more countries. " as though I wasn't asking something that had been available for quite a long time and was removed without explanation today.  Good g-d these people are incompetent... I am losing hope here, it seems like they are telling us to move off the Apple platform and go to Windows so we can use Blu-Ray.

  • s0n0fagun Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a feeling they would screw people over like this with The Hobbit release coming on.  I waited for 6 months lurking this thread to get this collection.  I finally got impatient when The Hobbit is around the corner and posted.  Now they pulled it from Apple's  iTunes store in the US.  *sigh*  Maybe I will buy the Blu-Ray version and collect the iTunes version.  It's only $55.00 right now.

  • Mister HU Level 1 (5 points)

    JiminSF, it's been my experience with customer support emails that the first response is always a virtually automated thing where they obviously didn't read your questions at all.


    It's also been my experience that if you answer back and say - you didn't answer my question, please explain - that you will then get a more intelligent human being who does actually look into your problem.


    I suggest you try again, or wait until I hopefully get a response on Sunday.


    s0n0fagun, I can't imagine why they would take those titles down just as "The Hobbit" is starting. You would think it would be in everyone's interest to sell MORE copies of the LOTR movies at this time. I think it's been a year since those extended editions started selling on iTunes. Maybe they only had a one year contract.


    Be aware that if you buy the Blu-rays to get the free download - THAT OFFER EXPIRED IN JUNE. I have the download instructions on a paper insert in front of me, and it says it expires on June 26, 2012. It was also for the standard def files, not the hi def files.


    As a consolation, are you aware of the marathon screening of all three extended movies in theatres next weekend?



    I went to the theatrical screenings of them last year when they were releasing the Blu-rays - one movie per week. It was the greatest movie-going experience I've had in decades. I don't think I'd want to see all three in one day, but it should be quite an experience to watch it with fans again, if you are so inclined.

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    I've been watching this bundle for three weeks hoping it went on sale again. For the past three weeks that I've been watching, the price was the same for the bundle as it would be for buying all three movies separately. That is if you were buying it in HD.  If you were buying it in SD, you received a discount for buying the bundle. I read somewhere that the HD version of the bundle was once on sale for 39.99 instead of 59.97.  I've been hoping that it would go on sale again before Christmas or maybe because of the hobbit being released they'd offer this on sale again. Tonight I logged on and it was 59.97 still. Ten minutes later it was pulled. So, fingers crossed.sube they're putting a sale price again. Or maybe pulling it to offer a bundle with iTunes extras. Why buy the bundle if you don't save or get extras?

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    I certainly wasn't waiting to save money, I was waiting because the audio was broken, and it strikes me as utterly insane that they would leave broken downloads up for a year of hair pulling correspondence and then pull them down completely immediately after they were fixed - almost to the point of conspiratorial, like they were TRYING not to sell these things.


    Apple is sending us a clear message, intentionally or otherwise - if you want to watch HD content, iTunes and the Apple platform are not your friend, you are dramatically, dramatically better off with Windows and Blu-Ray.  I would have had these movies not just for less money but over a year ago if I wasn't a loyal customer waiting for Apple.  Maybe I'll pick up a Windows 8 box (and a box set of the LOTR Extended Editions on Blu-Ray) this week.

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    I know you guys weren't waiting to save money. I was hoping THAT was the reason for the removal of the set, but since it isn't back, I can only guess.  Oh well, I guess I'll buy the bluray and rip it.  I was hoping to make this my first iTunes big purchase, but I guess that will now be the Star Wars Complete Set now that Disney owns the rights to those titles. Apple and Disney seem to work well together.

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    Well, I can now confirm that "The Two Towers" extended edition is finally stereo. I was expecting I would be overjoyed, but now that so many people cannot buy it, the victory is bittersweet.


    JiminSF, the iTunes rep didn't address my query about the sudden unavailability at all. I'll email him one last time and forward your comments to him (without your ID, which is pretty anonymous anyway).


    I hope they make the movies available again soon.

  • JiminSF Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Mister Hu.  You should let him know there were multiple people waiting to buy because of this problem and that the way it was handled does not make Apple look good - pulling it down immediately after fixing it so that the people who were waiting patiently never actually had a chance to buy is beyond obnoxious.

  • Mister HU Level 1 (5 points)

    Below is the reply from the iTunes rep. He's basically saying it's Warner Bros, not them. I have no idea if that's true, but if you want to voice your frustration to Warner Bros, I suggest you email


    I did send the same question to the guy from WB who phoned me on Friday night. Unfortunately, I don't really have an email address for him (he said he was going to email me, and once again, that did not happen), so I just emailed the general support email address and asked that it be forwarded to him. I have no idea if that will be successful.


    Anyway, here's what iTunes says...


    "Unfortunately, Apple has no say in the content that is provided on the iTunes Store. If the distributor choose to add a file, remove it a week later, and then add it again 2 weeks after that, they have the right to do so. The only time Apple will step in is if it is apparent that the distributor is doing this for some form of financial gain. (like causing customers to be unable to re-download free of charge, cause the newly added content is now "new" items, and not the same past customers purchased) In theses situations we will step in. However the iTunes Store is just a platform for retailers to distribute there content to Apple Devices, this helps us ensure the safety of our customers, and the integrity of our devices.


    We are making great leaps in the stipulations we require the providers to follow, to help our customers get the best quality content available. Just as an example, we have just made it mandatory for all films to have 'Closed Captioning' files provided, within one year from release date, or else the content will be pulled. This ensures our hearing impaired customers have access to the same great content that non-hearing impaired customers receive.


    If the content has been removed from the iTunes Store. It would have been removed from the providers themselves, or by Apple, in the best interest of our loyal customers. However I could not state specifically for the content you are referencing, as this is not information we are entitled too.


    I hope you have found this information helpful. I'd like to thank you for your continuing business with us at Apple."

  • JiminSF Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple actually emailed me again this afternoon to ask if their answer satisfied me, and I let them know I was definitively not satisfied.

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    I noticed today that LotR:RotK Theatrical Edition was only available to rent, no option to buy.


    This isn't going to make anyone feel more secure about cloud-based media. Thinking I might best stick with AnyDVD and a Blu-Ray drive.

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    OK, now it's available to buy again but I see they've added a "bundle" for the Theatrical Editions now.



    Here's to hoping that the Extended Editions will make a return soon...

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    I almost fell for it.  I saw the trilogy up for sale and the price was 44.97 and exclaimed to myself, "I knew it!  They pulled it to put a sale price again."  I almost clicked "buy", but at the last second I saw it wasn't the extended editions. Heck, I already have the theatrical editions ripped from my DVDs. I never have even viewed the extended editions and really wanted them. Oh well, I'll keep checking.

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    The extended editions are back now. I'm waiting until next week just in case there is a sale before The Hobbit is released. Even for $60 I will buy though.

  • Warren in palm coast Level 1 (0 points)

    On sale!  Save a whole $5!  I'm gonna buy it. Yayyy!

    I hope they truly fixed the audio issues. Thanks everyone for all your input.  Now I can finally see the movies the way they're supposed to be seen (and heard).