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Hi there,  I recently charged my 2011 13" Macbook Pro to 100%. Upon using it in class for about 2hours the Fan was constalny running and CPU raging on high. Moreover, the battery goes down to 20% in this time period. For reference, I only had Google Chrome, Mail and Word open in this class period. Whats going on? As I type this to you, the fan is this going strong and my battery in 20%


Any ideas? Should I contact the Apple store as I do have an Apple Care Warranty on the machine


I also have a Curcial 512GB SSD in the machine but this is the first time this is happening in the 3 weeks use in the SSD installed and upadted to Apples latest update a few days ago




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Stuwawah wrote:


    Should I contact the Apple store as I do have an Apple Care Warranty on the machine


    yes.  That is what your paid extra for.  Call AppleCare, not the store.

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    You have a run away process. When was the last time you shut the system down and restarted? Not waking it from sleep.

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    The SMC covers the Thermal management, so may I suggeest

    Do a SMC reset first


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    Don't you have some silly Flash applet running, which ***** CPU?

  • Bart1977 Level 2 (285 points)

    The stars indicate another word for draining...

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    "Shootist00"I havent shutdown my computer for months so thta is a valid point. I did shutdown my computer and started it up again and that seem to have stopped the fan/cpu issue. Thanks!

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    You can always use Activity  Monitor when you get unreasonable CPU activity. Also istat nano for a quick reference.
    I am studing programing so I often get some runaway processes that keep getting more and more cpu untill i shot them down

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    You are welcome. Reboot often, it solves a lot of problems.

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    Just to narrow things down a bit.


    I had the same problem and discovered the following.  When using Firefox, my battery ran out of time faster, my mac was hot and fan ran periodically. When using FF with Silverlight, battery time was even worse, fan almost always on and computer was hot.


    On 3rd test, I moved all my open pages from FF to Safari and have been testing the battery time with FF closed and Safari open. So far, my fan has not come on once. Going to watch a video online to see if it's better as well. My diagnostics show Silverlight, by far, is a power hog, FF was the next biggest problem but not bad.


    Basic details from rough testing.


    6/21/12 with Silverlight running in FF

    1.34 min at 12.39 pm  full power on screen, full charge

    .32 min at 1.39 pm

    just over 1 hr.


    6/22/12 - activity monitor open, FF, no silverlight.

    3.47 min at 9.38 am 3/4 power on screen, full charge, silverlight off and on.

    .19 min at 12.28 pm

    Almost 3 hrs.


    6/21/12 after recharge. Full charge, 3/4 power on screen lighting. All work in Safari, FF closed.

    4.39 min at 5.55 pm using safari and not firefox.

    3.59 at 7.02 pm

    waiting to see.


    Hope this helps anyone.


    Using a MBP 15", late 2011, with Snow Leopard, v. 10.6.8, Hybrid hard drive

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    I had the exact same problem with my macbook pro (Purchased June 2012).


    My fan was running constantly, and I couldn't figure out why. I simply saw in my activity monitor that "iTunes" was using 61% of my CPU! I force-quit the application and the fan immediately began to slow down.


    Thanks for the help!

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    I checked my activity monitor and Chrome had four background processes churning away. Each one seemed to be using 97% CPU. I had left open a lot of Chrome pages and I guess that they were not passive. When I closed Chrome, my fan stopped running. I have temporarily switched to Safari for general browsing. I think that I will only use Chrome for gmail for now.