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Having trouble downloading Windows pps documents and wmv. What software do I need? How do I download these Windows programs?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.1.x)
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    Neither of those are programs, they are file formats.


    .pps = Powerpoint Slideshow  Requires Microsoft Powerpoint (commercial) or the free viewer. http://www.tucows.com/preview/206534  I don't know if this version will run under Panther.


    .wmv = Windows Media Video - There used to be a version of Windows media player for Macs but I think it was discontinued.  You may still be able to find a copy.  It was replaced by Flip4Mac but I am not optimistic about there being a Panther version.  Your best bet will be to try VLC media player - http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ - general media player that plays just about anything.  You will need to poke around and see if there is a version that will run on Panther.  Then too you will need to hope the wmv video doesn't have codecs that Panther won't play.  Note that some wmv files are protected and nothing on a Mac (unless you have a brand new one that runs Windows) will play those.


    Edit: Oh my gosh, I see you are running OSX 10.1  My pessimism about finding versions that will run on that are quadrupled.


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    Windows Media Player download http://mac.oldapps.com/windows_media_player.php


     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks for the excellent response. Now, my problem is that when PPS or WMV files are attempted to be downloaded, the Adobe Reader attempts to download them. How can I have them downloaded by the software that you suggested (and that I recently downloaded). Sorry, but I'm a bona fide neophyte.

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    Downloading (the copying of a file from a server to your computer) is done by the browser or download software you use.  The file is then opened by an application.


    What application are you using to download these?  A browser, and if so, which one?  Sometimes applications work through browsers and will open an item inside the browser.  This is highly browser and application specific so it is crticial we know which ones and their versions.


    Alternatively, are we talking about a file that has downloaded to your desktop but when you click on it Adobe Reader tries to open it even though it isn't the correct application?


    Just to double check, you really are using OSX 10.1?

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    Thanks for your expertise. Your questions are spot on. First, I have version 10.4.11 of the Mac OS X (2006).

    Your alternative scenario appears to apply: that is, when I click on the file, Adobe Reader automatically tries to download it even though it's not the correct application. This may be due to an incorrect response that I made to choosing the application a long time ago. I don't know how to change the application because I never get a file window to select it. I just get a box that says that Adobe Reader can''t download it etc.

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    Adobe Reader cannot download it???  I didn't think Adobe Reader was capable of downloading anything.  Again, we need to get terminology correct or I will end up getting horribly confused.   Do you mean download or do you mean open?


    Question: Do you have files on your computer ending in .pps and .wmv?   If you click on them does Adobe Reader try to open them?  If this is what you are seeing then you need:


    Mac OS X: Double-Clicking a File Opens the Wrong Application - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2291


    -= Changing the application used to open all files of a certain kind =-


    1) In a Finder window highlight a file of the kind you want to change the application to open that kind of file.


    2) While that file is highlighted, select File > Get Info or press command (apple or propeller icon) + i to get a file information window.


    3) In the lower part of the info window there is an "open with" menu with a list of applications.


    4) If your application is already in the box then it is the default application for opening that kind of file and you don't need to do anything more.  Close the get info window.


    5) If the application showing in the menu is not the one with which you wish to open the file then select a new application. If your application does not appear there then select the "other..." and track down the application (usually in the Applications folder at the main level of the computer).


    6) If you wish to change all files of this type to open with this application in future, make sure the "change all" button is selected.


    7) Close the get info window.


    Of course you also have to have a suitable application on your computer which I discussed in an earlier post.

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    I apologize for my incorrect syntax. Adobe can't "open" the subject files. I have version 10.4 (tiger) and none of the recommended procedures work for it. They apparently work for 10.3 and earlier. So, I apparently don't have a suitable application on my computer. Any other ideas?

    Again, I really appreciate your time and effort.

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    Oh, I run Tiger and I use the above procedure successfully all the time.  It's because you don't have the applications to "open with".  I, and another poster, have made suggestions for suitable applications.  Once you have those installed you can can select those in the "open with" window.

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    Thanks so much for your patience and knowledge (a rare combination in we mortals). I downloaded the recommended software but it leads to the proverbial Catch 22 dilemma: Adobe Reader can't open it.

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    Open VLC (I assume you downloaded it, opened the installer, installed it). Go to your wmv file.  It should play (unless it is one of those protected ones).


    I really still have the feeling you are not following the instructions above to re-assign what application should open those files.  You actually have files on your computer ending in .wmv and .pps?  I mean on the desktop or wherever?  Try restarting the computer just to give the changes a chance to take, though usually I do not need to do this.


    The PPS requires a special program and I don't know if you tracked one down and have it installed.  I didn't bother because I have a full version of Powerpoint so I don't need the player.

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    Since you are using Tiger OS 10.4.11 (you need to change your profile OS from 10.1 to 10.4), you now have another good option.


    NeoOffice http://download.neooffice.org/neojava/en/index.php

    NeoOffice is equivalent to Microsoft Office. It can open Excel files, Word files & PowerPoint files. You can also create these types of files that can be opened by PC users.


     Cheers, Tom