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Hi Guys,


I've read the exact same symptoms to my problem on this thread on the MacBook Pro Forum but my problem is with my Mac Pro. I cant find any information on that thread that works for me. I'll briefly describe the problem below if you cant be bothered reading "ffredburger"s post.


I have my house set up with the wireless modem/router in the kitchen and use wireless to my Mac Pro upstairs.

I have a PC laptop which also uses the wireless and has never had a problem.

My Mac Pro loses access to the net every few minutes or so. I usually follow a sequence of "Turn AirPort Off" / "Turn Airport On" to cycle the connection, and this works but only for a temporary solution until it drops out a few minutes later.


also link to pic here..

It always shows full bars even though in the activity monitor it just flatlines or flutters near 0kB/sec.


Like many others, my connection drops although the wireless signal icon remains full.


I've noticed that as long as my system doesn't idle (ie - if I'm downloading something, or on a webpage which is always sending or recieving data) the wireless connection seems alright. But if I am on a webpage (for instance, this Apple website which is idle and not sending or recieving data) for a few minutes or am away from the computer for 5 minutes, the connectivity dies and I cant access the net. I then follow a sequence of "Turn AirPort Off" / "Turn Airport On" to cycle the connection, and this works but only for a temporary solution until it drops out a few minutes later.


My PC Laptop has never had any issues.

My wireless modem/router has been checked and troubleshooted but no solution.

My ISP have came and checked my phone line but no solution.

I recently upgraded to Leopard, hoping that would fix this issue but no solution.

Tried all the updates but no solution.


If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated as I cant find anything to work.

Also, can I ask that NO ONE suggest that I hook my computer up via the ethernet cable as there is no access points upstairs and I'm not going to pay a tonne of money to get one installed when I paid a tonne of money for my "AirPort Extreme" so I didnt have to (which was just over 2 years ago).


Its been a constant problem for the last 12 months and the short-fix of "Turn AirPort Off" / "Turn Airport On" to cycle the connection has driven me to madness (especially when I write a lot of information into a site for example this, and after 15 minutes I click the next button or send and dont realise the net is no longer connected and I LOOSE EVERYTHING I'VE JUST TYPED. It's happened 1000's of times. Also because I used to work from home and I was getting paid by how many questions/solutions I did in an hour and my pay was half of what everyone else was getting due to all the drop outs and loosing data I'd spent 5 minutes typing)


Yours sincerely,



ps - here's my system info below

About this Mac.png

also link to pic here...


Also here's some info about my wifi in my "System Information"


  Software Versions:

  CoreWLAN:    2.1.2 (212.1)

  CoreWLANKit:    1.0.2 (102.2)

  Menu Extra:    7.0.2 (702.1)

  configd plug-in:    7.1.2 (712.1)

  System Profiler:    7.0 (700.3)

  IO80211 Family:    4.1.2 (412.2)

  WiFi Diagnostics:    1.0.1 (101.1)

  AirPort Utility:    6.0 (600.92)



  Card Type:    AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x88)

  Firmware Version:    Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

  MAC Address:    00:1d:4f:fe:c7:f6

  Locale:    APAC

  Country Code:    US

  Supported PHY Modes:    802.11 a/b/g/n

  Supported Channels:    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165

  Status:    Connected

  Current Network Information:


  PHY Mode:    802.11n

  BSSID:    00:1c:df:e3:87:f9

  Channel:    6

  Country Code:    US

  Network Type:    Infrastructure

  Security:    WPA2 Personal

  Signal / Noise:    -87 dBm / -87 dBm

  Transmit Rate:    52

  MCS Index:    5



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Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), AirPort Extreme
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    Hi Carolyn,

    Yeah Ive spent on and off 12 months reading forums and searching the web for a solution.


    Its not a propblem just with OSX Lion... I only just got Lion one month ago and its been doing the same problems for well over 12 months! (I was on Leopard prior to Lion) Still same problems so cant be the OS systems fault


    Also no offence but I've tried all those "attempts" at troubleshooting in the links you've given (also stated in my original post I've tried most). I need a definitive answer on the problem, not a temp solution until it drops out 15 minutes later.


    Read both those topics already in the past.....


    Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues in OS X Lion and Mac OS X v10.6 <--- baloney (a person with basic understanding of computers would know already to try those troubleshooting tips). none worked


    WiFi Dropping in OS X Lion? Here are Some Wireless Troubleshooting Solutions <--- baloney  

    Basic WiFi Troubleshooting

    - Turn wireless on & off  <--- temp fix, problem still happens after next time network is idle and looses connectivity

    - Reboot the Mac <--- temp fix, problem still happens after next time network is idle and looses connectivity

    - Reset the Router <--- temp fix, problem still happens after next time network is idle and looses connectivity

    More Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting Tips <--- none work, still have problems (general knowledge/google solutions which I've already tried)

    Another Idea: Maintaining Data Transfer <--- I SHOULDNT have to ping a site to keep a steady network/wifi connection (absolute cop out solutions!!!)




    I've just tried (Page title - resolve OS X Lion Wi-Fi connection problems  )

    and going to see if that has a fix on the problem. I'm downloading some files for the next 6 hours so can't be sure until I have a period of idle internet to see if the connectivity drops out.


    I will post a comment here in the next 24-48 hours to see if it worked (hopefully its not just a crappy temp fix like most help pages)




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    Have you tried running a stumbler program to take a look at the use of the WiFi channels around you? Maybe there is something hogging the airwaves nearby. iStumbler seems to work, and there are others as well.


    If you are not using any older 802.11b (11 Mbits/sec) devices, you might want to try turning that compatibility off at the Base Station. The theory is that the Base Station is momentarily dropping high-speed transfers to "sniff" for low speed transfers, and maybe your computer's sampling is eventually lining up with the "dead times" when it is on the other speed. "It seems to disappear".

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    An update on trying (Page title - resolve OS X Lion Wi-Fi connection problems  )

    Was ok for about 10 hours (I was downloading somethings during that time) but when the transfer stopped, the connectivity dropped out.

    So that didnt work


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    Hi Grant Bennet-Alder,

    what program do you recommend to use? do you have a link or a name I can google?

    My PC laptop never has any connectivity problems (always connected), so would this stumbler remedy the problem for my mac's airport extreme?

    Let me know the details on a program to use and also what I need to do with it.

    Thanks again! (I like your answer as I hadnt seen this solution anywhere before and I was tired of people recommending me generic solutions or common knowledge tips)


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    additional post... (it wouldnt let me edit the previous post)


    Hey Grant Bennet-Alder, I found a program istumbler.

    not sure what you wanted me to find out or do with the program.

    here's some screens of each of my drop outs in the last hour


    wifi drop out 1

    wifi dropped out during a speedtest

    wifi dropped out during a speedtest 2

    wifi reconnected after off and on trick but still problems


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    Your fundamental problem is pretty clear from the iStumbler data.


    30 percent signal strength would give you a good signal, except that two other stations are talking on that channel at the same time.


    The first chart show that there are THREE Base Stations in range on channel 6 (the one you are using), and they have signal strength within 5 or ten percent of  your Base Station. This is giving you interference and will eventually lead to your connection dropping out.


    And channel 1, the next choice, is also already pretty busy.


    If your Base Station is set to Automatic channel selection, cycling its power (one of the first-recommended steps in problem solving) is supposed to move it to a channel that is less busy. Channel 6 is the default choice, then it may choose 1, then 11. If your Base Station is not capable of Automatic channel selection, or makes a bad choice, you can manually set it to a less-busy channel, but you will have to re-check from time-to-time.


    Based on the data at your location, channel 11 is currently the clearest.


    While you have it open for re-configuring, if you are not using ANY 802.11b (11 Mbits/sec) devices you should turn OFF that compatibility.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,466 points)

    The keep-alive "fix" is for a different problem than the one you are experiencing. I would not expect it to do anything useful for you.


    You need to get off the busiest channels in your neighborhood and reduce interference from other base stations nearby.

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    Which keep-alive "fix" are you talking about? You meant turning off n on my wireless modem router? I've done it before as a temporary fix for my connectivity but never really checked if it changed channels.


    I just tried turning off and on my modem and checked to see if it moved it to a channel that is less busy, but it is still on channel 6.


    I am now trying to load up the settings on my router but for some reason its not accepting my password (I've been entering the same password it asks me when I need to log onto my wifi but no luck)

    I've looked through all my networking paperwork but no luck. I think I need to call up Belkin or maybe manually reset everything to its factory settings to make a new password


    But is that what you suggest? Would using channel 11 be a definite fix?




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    (edit...) lol I read somewhere the password should be blank. Tried a blank password and still nothing. Tried a blank password on another browser (google chrome) and I'm in!

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    Grrrrrr (It wouldnt let me edit my last post again)


    I changed my channel to 11 like you said but it is still at a low signal strength

    (screen of my page showing istumbler/activity monitor network details)

    Still around 20-30% strength.


    My computer is upstairs and one room across from my kitchen (where my wireless modem/router is)


    The other signals are from my neighbours where live in houses about 15-25 metres away

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    Link not working.


    30 percent strength is good enough for many purposes. Are you still having trouble?


    My house has thick plaster over wire lath, and the old armored electrical cables ground it out in many place. I get horrible signal strength almost everywhere. The solid masonry chimneys are very thick, and block the signal even more.


    I did some experimenting with the Base Station by putting its power cord on a long extension cord, using extra long Ethernet cables, and placing it in different locations until i got the best possible signal at the computer.

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    Yeah its been sitting around 20%. Around abouts the same %'s as the other devices.

    The link works fine for me. (try open in new tab)

    I'll try a different image host next time.


    Here's another window cap of the devices and %'s


    I havent had a drop out yet since changing the channel to 11 but this is because I'm ftp'ing a GB of files

    I'll wait and see if there's any more drop outs in the next 24-48 hours




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    So its been a couple of days to see how it went.


    I waited to see how "changing the channel" worked out for me but I still got drop-outs whenever my computer/browser wasnt doing anything (ie - surfing the web, or down/uploading) or my computer was idle and came back to it (click on one website and then it drops out even though I look at my network history and it says it was connected (down/uploading) while I was away)


    So to summarise, the channel change did not work. Thank you anyway Grant Bennet-Alder as it was an answer I had not read about before and thought it might have worked

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,466 points)

    The other signals are from my neighbours where live in houses about 15-25 metres away

    That means your neighbors' routers can give you the same signal strength from 15-25 meters farther away.


    If this were mine to do, I would invest in a better Router.

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