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My old phone died so I borrowed a friend's backup phone to use until I got my new phone. After switching from his old phone to my new phone I keep getting the message that my Apple ID has been disabled. I have reset my password multipe times and I still am getting the same message. Help!?!

iPhone 4S
  • Simmm Level 2 Level 2

    Contact Apple Support to Get it re-enabled!

  • victoriouswarrior Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for that suggestion. Everything I try wants information about my phone. The problem is not my phone but my Apple ID getting disabled. I have tried calling and got put on hold for 30+ minutes when the person came back to the phone and said it would take another 15 minutes to get through to someone that could help me and that by then they would be closed. She said she would have someone call me back the next day. So Sunday morning, while I am in church at 11am I got 3 calls from someone saying they would call me back. Then when I got home from church I had 3 e-mails saying I had missed my appointment. She never told me they would call me at 11am on Sunday morning or I would have told her I was unavailable at that time.


    Do you have a phone number that I can call direct to get through to whoever I need to talk to???

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    Ouch, if even God isn't going to intervene when you're off at church, then you may be really stuck there


    Hopefully it gets sorted out somehow. I'm wondering, where is your old-phone now? Did you give it to someone? Is it still turned on? I'm wondering if it is re-logging in constantly (or trying to) with a different pw, which could be forcing your account to become reset.


    That's my guestimate at the moment.

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    Why would you even want the same apple id if someone may possibly have it? There are not that many features of an iPhone that request your apple id, the app store, iMessage and email are the primary, even iTunes not matter, no?

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    Been having the SAME issue for several months.  My account was hacked so I reset the password and got everything working just fine, then whenever I try to update my apps on my iPod it keeps saying the account is disabled.

    The website (appleid.apple.com) says nothing about a disabled account, and everything is "verified".

    I've called them as well and get the "visit the website" option when I tell them what I need (still haven't talked to a real person yet).


    VERY frustrating, and seriously thinking about throwing this iPod at a concrete wall and sending Apple a video of it.