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I want to delet all my picures off my iphone as I have over 1,800 of them.    I have Icloud turned on.   Will they remain backed up?    If not does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?    I uploaded them all to shutterfly but they are all grainy on the shutterfly website.,  



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    Should you need to restore, your phone will use the most recent back up, if you have backed up since removing the photos they will not be in your most recent back up.


    Connect to a PC/mac and transfer the photos there before deleting them on the phone.

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    Thanks for your response.   I actually do not have another personal computer.    Just a work machine and my Iphone.    I think a lot of people are going to have the same issue as me as some folks do not need a home computer anymore as you can do most basic stuff on your phone.    

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    Then you might want to consider creating a dropbox (or sugarsync) account and downloading the app, you get a few GB of free storage and can upload your photos to it.

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    I also have an Iphone 4s and no computer.  My Iphone is full of pictures.  So I am basically just screwed here?  Didn't Apple consider this?  There are many people with an Iphone but no computer to sync it to.  Icloud is also useless here because it just backs up my data, but if I then delete the pics from my phone they are also deleted from Icloud.  Really not helpful!  I bought extra storage on Icloud but now I find out I just wasted my money!  Is there any solution for my problem?