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Just started getting a "plug-in failure" to my videos in iWeb... the videos work on other machines, but on my machine, my videos won't play and I get the message... what do I need to update?  Using the iLife '08 version, but have ordered iLife '09 from Amazon... will that solve the problem?  My OS is OSX 10.7.3.


The guy at the Genius Bar told me eventually my website will stop working since Apple is not supporting iWeb any longer.  He said I should start looking at blogger apps to convert to, is this the best route?  Any better suggestions?  Too bad, I was really happy with iWeb, and was hoping they'd upgrade it!  It didn't make enough / any money for them?  You would think this great, simple app would be valuable for people who drag-and-drop their sites.


FYI - I already publish to a folder and post that via ftp to my domain, this isn't a .mac thing.

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7.3)