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Just started getting a "plug-in failure" to my videos in iWeb... the videos work on other machines, but on my machine, my videos won't play and I get the message... what do I need to update?  Using the iLife '08 version, but have ordered iLife '09 from Amazon... will that solve the problem?  My OS is OSX 10.7.3.


The guy at the Genius Bar told me eventually my website will stop working since Apple is not supporting iWeb any longer.  He said I should start looking at blogger apps to convert to, is this the best route?  Any better suggestions?  Too bad, I was really happy with iWeb, and was hoping they'd upgrade it!  It didn't make enough / any money for them?  You would think this great, simple app would be valuable for people who drag-and-drop their sites.


FYI - I already publish to a folder and post that via ftp to my domain, this isn't a .mac thing.

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    The guy at the Genius Bar has told you absolute and utter rubbish.  It is true that Apple has stopped supporting iWeb, but it definitely DOES NOT mean that your website will stop working any time soon. 


    They should know that iWeb is an application on your Mac and as long as it is compatible with your OS - it works in Snow Leopard and Lion and will be compatible with the new Mountain Lion out this Summer, then you can still use it to build and maintain websites.


    As long as your are not publishing your site to MobileMe, then you are okay - if you are publishing to a local folder and then uploading to another host that is fine and your site will not be going anywhere in a hurry.


    You don't need to change software unless you really want to.

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    Yeah, I'm not going to change anything until I must - but my question is why am I getting a "plug-in failure" when trying to play my videos (on my machine only, they play on other's machines), and what plug-in is the problem?

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    How are you loading your videos into iWeb?


    Nowadays its better to use HTML5 with flash fallback for older browsers rather than rely on the QuickTime plugin...



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    OK, I upgraded to iWeb 3.0.4, but no go - the videos play on other machines, but on mine, I get a blank space or the Quicktime Q, and when I click on it to play, I get the 'plug-in failure' message...


    What do you mean 'how am I loading the videos'... I believe I just drag-and-dropped' them into place.  

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    If you are just dragging the videos onto the iWeb page then you need the QuickTime plugin. It should be in System Library/Internet Plug-Ins