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    why doesnt iTunes allow import of dvd/bluray media" is answered "because it' illegal", I find it superficial and - in the end - not true.


    You may consider it superficial if you wish, but it is absolutely true for copy-protected material, as was said several times in this thread including the original response from March of last year when this thread was created.


    If that was the source of Apple's concerns, iTunes would not allow audio cd ripping as well, because it is illegal, even if the CDs are unprotected and legally owned, as I was trying to assess earlier and Ziatron confirmed with his link.


    Importing of noncopyprotected disks is perfectly legal in most countries, and in particular in the US where Apple's forums are based.


    There is nothing more than can or should be said on the subject. This is veering away from a technical response and into discussion of policies, which is not allowed in these forums (nor is discussions about DVD ripping, by the way), so we should let this drop at this point.



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    Yeah, well, people, thanks for your answers and time, but dont get nervous.

    As I said I was just curious about the policy and not the technical stuff.

    Now I have a clearer picture of US laws on this subject, even if what you say about audio CDs seems conflicting with the article linked by Ziatron, hence I am still confused.

    But I dont want to go (and apologize if already went) offtopic, so I agree to let this drop here.

    By the way, I dont think I ever suggested the idea I wanted to compare iTunes to oher players such as WMP or others: the "smoking guns", if any, would obviousy be in their hand too.

    Again thanks and bye.

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    The lawyer quoted in the report from Fox News is spouting horsehockey. The legality of format shifting was decided by the US Supreme Court long ago.


    'nuff said.

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