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I have Lion (10.7.3) and the latest Garage Band (6.0.5). I've had Garage Band installed for a long time.


I went to try it out today, and would like to install the software instruments that (apparently) aren't included on the DVD anymore. When I click on an instrument that isn't installed, it asks if I want to download them via Software Update. I select "download now" and click OK. Software Update opens and, after a very long time, tells me my software is up-to-date.


I've tried resetting ignored updates (I don't have any). I've tried reinstalling Garage Band from the iLife '11 DVD. Nothing seems to change. I still can't download the additional instruments via Software Update.


I also can't find any download reasource on Apple's Support site where I can download them manually. Most software updates can be downloaded as seperate installer, but this doesn't seem to be the case for the additional Garage Band instruments.


Can any one help?

  • James Bucanek Level 1 (55 points)

    I was able to fix it. Here's what I eventually did:


    1. Deleted everything that even remotely looked like it belonged to Garage Band: the application, the application support folder, the Garage Band loops in the Library/Audio folder, the software update receipts (both in Library/Reciepts and in /var/db/receipts).
    2. Restarted the computer.
    3. Reinstalled Garage Band from the iLife '11 DVD.
    4. Upgraded to the latest Garage Band using Software Update.
    5. Open the loops and click to download the additional instruments.


    This time, Software update had a "Additional Instruments" upgrade available, and everything seems to have gotten installed.


    One warning: Reinstalling Garage Band from the DVD trashed my installation of iPhoto (even though I unchecked iPhoto in the install options). I had to repeat this process with iPhoto (toss the app, reinstall from iLife DVD, upgrade iPhoto in Software Update) before it would work again.