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I have a Macbook and I left it unplugged. It started up slowly when I plugged it in again, but it seemed fine. Once it started charging I shut it down so it would be easier, but now it will not go past the grey screen with the apple. What do I do?

I have Snow leopard on my computer, and I tried to do a hard restart as an article suggested, but it did not work. I also tried cleaning out the PRAM.


The only things I did last night:

-cleaned the history of Firefox out, including cookies

-let it unplugged all night

-plugged it back in the morning, it took a long time to figure itself out, but eventually the time was correct and I got on the internet for a bit

-shutdown the computer since I was going out and thought it would help the computer charge

-came back, tried to turn it on, and found that it would not go past the grey screen the apple on it and the spinning wheel even though I left it for 20 minutes or more

-tried turning it off and on to no avail

MacBook (13-inch)