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Today I was at the area Apple store working with a Genius. I had two Apple IDs, one I had used for some time and a second created when I set up a Mobile Me account a couple of years ago. Because I had two IDs, syncing was all messed up. The genius led me through the process of essentially making one ID incactive (the Mobile Me ID) and having the other one be the primary one.


What we essentially did was to delete the old iCloud account associated with the Mobile Me ID and set up a new one. When the box showed up that said essentially, "If you move this Mobile Me account to iCloud, you will lose the calendar data on your Mac," he told me just to click it and proceed.


Everything with the syncing worked as it should. However, when I got back to the office, I found out that all my calendars on my Mac are now gone. I did some online searching on the Apple site and, duh, I realize what the box said, and that I should have backed up the calendars. But I was trusting the Genius, he had me clicking boxes in rapid fashion, and I just followed his advice. I assumed, He did NOT ask if I needed the data on those calendars and did I want to back up.


Because the calendars were associated with my old ID, the one that is now disabled, they are not active on either my Mac or the iCloud website. However, when I look on my iPhone, the old calendars associated with my old ID are still showing up. VERY GOOD. Now I just need to know how to get those calendars into iCal on iCloud and thus back on my computer.


When I touch the "Calendars" button at the top left of my monthly view screen on my iPhone and then can see the calendars that were associated with the old ID, the question I have is why they're even showing up on my iPhone at all, as it is also associated with the current ID and iCloud. But that is another issue. I just want to get them back onto my Mac. These are my major work/life calendars, and I don't need them to disappear. HELP!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    If the old account was or had been upgraded to an iCloud account as you seem to be implying, you should be able to add it back to your mac as a secondary account (system preferences > mail, calendars & contacts. This should cause both accounts calendars to show up in iCal (click the calendar button -top left corner- to confirm this. Then you should be able to copy the calendars across to your new account by following the instructions below.


    • Create a new empty calendar from the iCal file menu, select which account you want to create it in.
    • If you have only a few appointments you can move them individually by editing them and changing the calendar in the edit options.
    • Alternatively you can copy all the appointments in one calendar to another and delete the original.
    • To copy a calendar ctrl-click on it from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button (top left corner of iCal) and choose export (export it to your desktop for ease)
    • Double click the exported file and choose the new empty calendar to import them into.
    • Ctrl-click on the original calendar from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button and choose delete.

    I'm guessing the reason your calendars show on your phone is because that account is enabled as a secondary account there.