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While in the middle of transferring clips from my camera into my fcp project, the firewire cable got yanked. After retoring the project and recconecting the media, Log and Transfer wont import the clips from the camera anymore. The clips play in the preview window fine, and I even saved the media to a new location and tried to Log and Transfer again but every time I just get a red stop sign with an exclamation point error, with no explanation. What good is an error sign first of all without any explanation Apple?  I've also even tried starting a new project to start fresh, but FCP won't transfer the clips. I had this problem once before and it was a lack of hard disk space, but I have at least 65GB left on the Macbook, and about the same on the scratch disk.

Anyone know how to make it work? Thanks!

(transferring footage from a P2 card off of an HVX200)

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    Try repairing the files on the P2 card. There is a possiblity you corrupted them with your accident.


    fwiw - this is why you lock the P2 card so that you can not change anything about those files during the L&T process. Better yet is to simply copy the entire contents of the card to your hard drive first. Then do the L&T from those files.



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    Thanks for your reply.

    I just tried repairing the clips on the card and the dialogue said "no repair clip". If the clips were corrupted why would they still play on the Log and Transfer preview window?


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    Hmmm....well, step one is to backup the cards first...before you log and transfer. Logging and transferring directly from the card should only be done if you have a crushing deadline.  And yes, LOCK the card before you do this.


    Well...how about making a new project?  trying that?  Or...backing up the card first, THEN importing?  I have that workflow laid out here:



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    I will start backing up the cards first before importing from now on. It's just time and memory intensive for projects where you only want small bits of each clip you want to import. It is a good idea though I agree in case something like this happens.


    I did try opening a new project, as well as restoring from an archive from before the accident happened. Same results. Also, I've also copied the card to a new location and tried importing from there instead of the camera.

    Why doesn't apple give you an error code so you can determine the exact problem? A simple stop sign with an exclamation mark is pretty frustrating when there are hundreds of variables!

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    Still no luck with the problem of transfering. Like my instincts told me because of a simillar problem a long time ago, it seems like it's a storage issue. In the Log and Transfer window on the bottom middle, it says Total Free Space 0, even though there is 99GB available on my scratch disk, and 26 GB on my MacBook Pro hard disk. Any ideas how to solve this one? Thanks folks!

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    DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, always best to clone a backup before taking radical steps. You could also try booting to single user mode first (hold shift on start up) that can clear some cache issues up.


    Just a wild thought - perhaps a large temp file was created during capture that was not deleted. You would probably want to show your hidden files (google can show you how, involves terminal), and look for a very large temp file on your drive, it would probably be in the same folder you were capturing to, but could also be at the root of your system drive. Their could be some other large temp files too, like a sleep file for instance.


    DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, always best to clone a backup before taking radical steps.


    good luck!

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    Thanks for the response but I found a solution today.

    Another google search into the problem was more fruitful today. It turns out then when the Log and Transfer window insists you have zero space left on your scratch disk, the solution is to through System Settings, move the scratch disk to another location (another disk drive), then move it righ back again and this resets it into working again.

    A simple solution that took less than 30 sec!



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    This worked for me! Thanks JamieMacQ!!!