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While in the middle of transferring clips from my camera into my fcp project, the firewire cable got yanked. After retoring the project and recconecting the media, Log and Transfer wont import the clips from the camera anymore. The clips play in the preview window fine, and I even saved the media to a new location and tried to Log and Transfer again but every time I just get a red stop sign with an exclamation point error, with no explanation. What good is an error sign first of all without any explanation Apple?  I've also even tried starting a new project to start fresh, but FCP won't transfer the clips. I had this problem once before and it was a lack of hard disk space, but I have at least 65GB left on the Macbook, and about the same on the scratch disk.

Anyone know how to make it work? Thanks!

(transferring footage from a P2 card off of an HVX200)

MacBook Pro Unabody