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I have an iMac with Lion and iPhoto 11 (iLife 11) on. I also have an iPad 2, and now iPhoto for iOS.


So when I bought iPhoto iOS I thought what it would be would be an extension of iPhoto 11 on my iMac. What I mean is to help me edit, organise, fix my photos without being tied to my iMac.


So I thought the premise would be to sync some photos from my iMac to my iPad for on the go, do what I wanted with them, tag them, edit them, fix red eye, label them etc etc and then sync/copy back to my iMac for saving in my iPhoto library.


So I'm a little confused. What is it for, or how can I do the above? Surely lots of people want to do this sort of thing? I understand that photos taken on the iPad or iPhone via photo stream/iCloud could be edited, but ultimately they would want syncing back to the "home ship" of a Mac for use/backing up on a iPhoto library?



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    The iOS app is a standalone app and does not sync with the Mac application.

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    Yeh I sort of knew this, but surely it's part of the whole thing? A lot of people were expecting this reading around the web, me included.

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    I think we all got caught in some euphoria after watching the iPhoto for iOS demo at the new iPad event last week. It all looked so slick. But it seems, and the MacWorld review stated it first, that iPhoto for iOS is a hobbyist app that allows someone to work with a few photos albums on their iPad or iPhone and share them to social media. It is definitely not an app that even a dedicated photographer would use let alone a semi pro or pro. And as we are finding out iPhoto for iOS definitely does not work with the Mac version.


    I purchased iPhoto the day it w released but should have waited until I read some of the posts here in this forum. I used iPhoto a lot the first few days it was out, and pretty much tried every feature it had. But now that a week has gone by I've gone back to the app I depended on before iPhoto for iOS. That app is PhotoForge2.

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    So is there any way we can intergrate it at all? Eg I'm still busy going through my pics to sort, tag, basic editing and to do it all on an iPad (or some) would speed up the process.


    Is there no way I could copy a folder over of pics onto ,y iPad. Do some tagging, editing, places etc, then copy them back to my iMac and finish tagging with faces etc?


    It would be more convenient, I'd get it done quicker as have my iPad with me etc?


    Surely some people must have thought it would work is way also, and have "invented" someway of integrating it with iPhoto on a Mac?



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