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I have an iMac with Lion and iPhoto 11 (iLife 11) on. I also have an iPad 2, and now iPhoto for iOS.


So when I bought iPhoto iOS I thought what it would be would be an extension of iPhoto 11 on my iMac. What I mean is to help me edit, organise, fix my photos without being tied to my iMac.


So I thought the premise would be to sync some photos from my iMac to my iPad for on the go, do what I wanted with them, tag them, edit them, fix red eye, label them etc etc and then sync/copy back to my iMac for saving in my iPhoto library.


So I'm a little confused. What is it for, or how can I do the above? Surely lots of people want to do this sort of thing? I understand that photos taken on the iPad or iPhone via photo stream/iCloud could be edited, but ultimately they would want syncing back to the "home ship" of a Mac for use/backing up on a iPhoto library?