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    Yes, maddening and unnecessary. If it was just the TOC I could work with/alter it but it is that row of thumbnails at the bottom. And with the first one larger than the rest, it simply looks like a mistake in formatting was me.

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    I agree.  This is VERY disappointing.  Not at all what I would have expected from Apple.  We need to be able to create a simple picture book for kids with NO table of contents and NO thumbnails at the bottom of the page. 


    Extremely frustrating.  For now, it looks like I'll need to stay with other authoring apps.  Hopefully Author will be upgraded soon.  Many of us are not trying to create textbooks.

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    Have to eat a tiny bit of crow here. The good news is that it's pure crow and no pink slime added. I had said that no prof publisher would have a children's picture book with a row of thumbnails running across the bottom. Well, DK publishing has an IBA produced title in the ibookstore "My First ABCs" with a row of thumbnails...across the bottom. I went ahead and bought it to see how they put their book together. If any of you are doing children's books I urge you to buy it (3.99) as it shows how you can creatively use that row of thumbnails. I think what they did was to completely overpower the thumbnails with their illustrations above them. Looks like they used the TOC as their first page.


    I have 5 books to put together and learning the ropes in IBA is great.... except for the thumbnail fiasco, which I hope gets a fix in the update. Otherwise, I'll learn Pages ePub for the rest. Bon appetit!

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    I have more crow for you to eat. Dowload the Sesame Street ebooks app:



    theres two free books on there and you can see that they have thumbnails, and this was done out of choice, not because they had to. I've been reading them with my kids and they dont even notice the thumbnails nor care. Don't worry about it, your target audience couldn't care less

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    I can't find those titles on the iBookstore. The first Sesame title I came across in iBookstore "Elmo Says Achoo!" was not created in IBA and has no row of thumbnails. It reads like a traditional picture book. The ones you point out are an app in iTunes and not what we are doing here.


    It's not that your kids notice or care that the thumbnails are there in that app, it's that I care. I am the creator and producer of my content and I want to present it in the way that I want to. I have spent at least a hundred hours filming puppets, editing, sound work, taking stills, writing text for this video eBook and even more to learn IBA.


    As I said, I will slog thru this book to present in iBookstore under the layout limitations in IBA and simply move on to Pages if there is no update to correct/not include this flaw on the other books in the series. Love the interactiveness with widgets , adding video, etc but Apple should give us the option of having those thumbnails or not.


    Also, you are right about children not caring about those thumbnails. I'd be willing to bet your kids never once said "Why aren't there thumbnails running along the bottom of the book?" when you were reading to them in the past. Children will accept just about anything you put in front of them as far as entertainment/reading goes. Will children's book authors with a hundred years  of creating picture books at their back suddenly abandon their roots to a process that takes  creativity away from them? I dunno. I don't see a lot of children's books in the iBookstore.


    So, no crow on this one.

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    what i linked to isnt in the ibookstore, its an app but it is still a book with thumbnails and your point was that no publisher would ever create a childrens book with thumbnails and not only did DK do it, but sesame street did also. Just because its not in ibooks author - it's still an electronic book. So crow please :-)


    Its your prerogative to care, and you can continue to do so, im just trying to make you feel better that the thumbnails, whilst they may not be to your liking, are going to have zero effect on the user experience and sales so feel better about it. :-)

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    Yes, I pointed out that it was an app & not an IBA product.


    All I can think is that they want to be included in the Apple platform (as I do)  and they are experimenting. As am I.


    Nothing will make me feel better about the thumbnails other than an announcement from Apple that they will have the option to include, or not include them in the first update.


    To put it another way, say you are having a kid's party and have gone to great expense and effort to have only healthy food/treats. You know, let's say burgers made with organic beef, no HFCS treats, etc. Everything that corresponds with how you are raising your children. As has been pointed out, kids only will see food. Just as you are serving the controlled menu, Betty from next door shows up with a bucket of KFC, MCDonalds burgers, fries and HFCS shakes and says "Who wants KFC & McDonalds?" Of course, a number of the children will go for it. Why? Because, like those dreaded thumbnails, they are simply there.

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    app or ibook - irrelevant, its still a book.


    Also, I found having the thumbnails very useful as a parent. Think about using a real book you can just scan through to the page you want, we rarely read the book from 1st to last everytime. Say your book is 30 pages long, i'll have to swipe through every page to get to the one i want, or be forced to go back to the contents page.


    I hope they don't remove the abilty to have them from a consumer point of view, as it will make the childrens books I buy for my kids less usable.

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    Well then, KFC & McDonalds it is!

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    That has to be the worst analogy I ever heard, but if that must be the analogy then it's more like the kids eat the healthy food anyway, but the KFC and McDonald's is there, just not being eaten. Since afterall the thumbnails make no difference whatsoever to the user experience of the intended user.


    A better analogy would be that the healthy lunch arrived with forks but the children were so young they couldn't use them. Ah well, they came anyway and did the children no harm, they are just tools they don't use. But actually the parents were grateful for the forks because they needed to use those forks to feed the children.

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    You mean, in your perception, the worst ever until you wrote the rambling & nonsensical fork-ology?  Perhaps I should have included a row of thumbnails for you to follow.


    My analogy is quite apt and right there on point as to children reacting to (or not) what is put in front of them, be it healthy food, unecessary thumbnails, fast food, or even forks.


    As we are here on this IBA user board garnering info and help for constructing our IBooks Author ebooks, why don't we get back to that? How is your book coming? Is it a children's book?


    Having said all that, we must get word to Sesame Street that "Elmo Says Achoo!" was created in the wrong format as it has no thumbnails to guide the viewer. I guess that kids & parents will just sit and stare at the cover?

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    your analogy is not apt at all. Mcdonalds and KFC are unhealthy and damage childrens bodies. The thumbnails in the book are irrelevant to the children - they do not help, hinder or harm them. They are not noticed.


    But I'm sure you will keep harping on about something you want changed that never will be changed because you are the only one who wants it. A change that you are so desperate for, but one that does not help the end user of your book, some advice for you - take the needs of the end user as paramount, not your own as an obsessed thumbnail ridden author. Good day to you kind sir.

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    Why on earth are you attacking me over this? It's not your call and frankly, none of your business. It is how I, the producer of my book, want it done. Why can't you understand and simply accept that and move on? You really need to direct your ranting to each and every children's book publisher that is represented in the iBookstore that does not have a row of thumbnails on their books and then, with the same sweet charm you are displaying here, get them to correct the error of their ways.


    Again, are you actually writing/publishing an interactive ebook? How are you doing with it? Did it get past the vetting and now  are you just waiting or has it been published? Creating interactive eBooks in IBA is a fairly new process, how can you be such an expert on what children want or don't want, after what, 3 months? Back up your words with studies and facts and then your singular opinion might gain a smidgen of credibility.


    I am here to get help with putting my book together. What are you here for?

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    My book has been accepted and is doing well but since I don't feed trolls I'll leave this conversation here. This will be my last post. You can now have the last word as trolls always wish to. You have my permission. Good day to you.

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    "accepted and doing well..." Of course. I would expect nothing less considering your previous comments.


    I suspect there are issues much deeper and greater than thumbnails at play here but will kindly accept your offer to leave me alone.