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I have flashed based videos on my website and an uploader that requires flash to be installed. Does anyone know how to turn it back on in the new Safari? Everything works fine in Chrome. Would prefer to stick with Safari if its possible to fix it.

itunes, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • Rysz Level 6 (8,120 points)

    You need to download the Flash Player from adobe.com. It no longer comes pre-loaded with the OS (Chrome has it built in).

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    Thanks Rysz thats what I did but it still doesnt work. Is there a way to get Safari to acknowledge that flash is on my computer?

  • Rysz Level 6 (8,120 points)

    Not in Safari (other than going to a site that uses Flash), but you can check your Applications> Adobe> and see if you have a Flash Player folder installed. There should also be an Adobe Flash Player Install Manager in Applications> Utilities folder.


    After you download the Player and run the installer, do you get any error messages? Does it confirm successful install?

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    No I installed flash player a few days ago and just a few minutes ago to make sure I didnt miss somehting. Same thing wont open my flash video player on my home page. If you are using sarfari try www.AResilientLife.com and see if you get the same result. thanks

  • Rysz Level 6 (8,120 points)

    On my Safari 5.1.4 that site works.


    Please check in Safari> Preferences> Extensions> if you have a Flash blocker extension installed.


    Deleting Safari prefs, .plist files, may be required, but I'm not qualified to direct you to the correct ones. Hopefully, someone else chimes in, or you can search the forum.


    Sorry I wasn't able to help.

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    No there is not a flash blocker. Thanks for your help so far. I'll use chrome until I see an answer. Bummer. Ive always been so faithful to Safari and apple products.

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    Have you been having this problem ever since you upgraded to 5.14, or did it just occure recently? We'll end up fixing it, one way or another.

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    I believe it started when I did the last upgrade because Ive never had the problem before and I didnt pay attention to the upgrade when it said I had new software to install. I beleive Safari was one of them. About a week ago maybe.

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    I went to this site and it verifies my Flash is installed. But still not working.


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    The plot thickens. Ive listed another request but just in case there is a connection I'll also connect to this post. Here is now what is happening:

    To summarize: Two variables that may just be coincindental: updated Safari recently and Updated the Social Engine web core technology. Ever since I updated to the latest social engine at the end of February Ive had intermittant problems accessing my site. Most of the time Safari times out before I can enter into or land on the landing page. Ive tried three browsers and all do the same thing. Here the tricky part. All other webpages outside of my site (in other words every other site I try to go to) work fine AND others can go to the site and access it without any issues (as far as I know so far).


    Here is what I've tried sometimes several times:

    1. loggin in as a different user

    2. Restarting the modem, timemachine router, and my computer (several times)

    3. Emptying Cache of browser

    4. Having the web host company tweak things on their end.

    5. Trying other browsers

    6. Discovered that there is a problem with the latest version of silverlight and Safari (and Chrome) but I dont have the latest installed. This iss ussue is affecting what appears only my machine.


    If anyone has any clues as to what might be happening I'd appreciate the help. Im at a key junction for selling webinars off my site and now Im the only one who cant access it!

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    This problem got solved when I reset my Apple Time Machine/backup router. No explanation why it was ignoring my site versus any other site.

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    I have the same problem today, until I changeed Preference - Privacy - Allow applications downloaded from - Anywhere