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Dear Sirs/Madam


I have this "you're not connected to internet" for over a week now on my Ipad (1) .

I also using IMac in my study and seems ok with the connection to my home WiFi and even my Blackberry handphone, no problem at all.


The funny thing is when I took my Ipad outside the home to Coffee Bean or any other places which have free WIFi connections, is connected easily with no problem and as soon as coming back home, cannot at all.


My nephew have Ipad 2 and no problem with the connection at my place, so please help me to solve my problem....


Thank you very much.






iPad, iOS 5.1, 3G and Bluetooth and 64G
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    Ask your nephew to look at this for you.  (Based on your description, the most likely cause is a problem with the authentication settings within your iPad set-up for your WiFi.  But since your nephew has this working, compare the settings.)

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    The message you are getting means that you have not made peace with the router on your home wifi set up.


    The fan symbol at the top left shows the signal strength your pad sees from the network, but does not mean you have yet reached the Internet.


    Go into settings, wifi, and see if it sees your network, and if it does, is there a checkmark next to the network name.  I am guessing no.


    The easiest step is to 'forget' that network, and start over.


    Have the pad search for available networks.  When it finds yours, tap the network name.  The pad will then ask for your security password.  Sometimes this is the password you set on your router.  Sometimes this is the security key that is assigned by your router.  Enter the key, and the system will attempt to join the network.  When it does, a checkmark will appear next to the network name.  


    Until you get past the security, you are not 'in'.    The pad will remember that network and security, so in the future  you will not need to repeat the process.