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I seem to have two Apple IDs. One was set up for iTunes purchases and another (earlier I think) in connection with AppleCare and other things like Mobile Me. Unfortunately some of my Apps seem to have been downloaded with the non iTunes Password and iTunes doesn't recognise them when I back up my iPhone. This causes me to loose the funtionality of these Apps and I have to delete and redownload them! Really I would like to have just one Apple ID for everything. Can I do this?

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    No you cannot merge AppleIDs, and purchases are permanently tied to the AppleID you used to purchase them.


    However, you should be able to log into the iTunes or App Store with either AppleID and redownload or update those content items or apps associated with that AppleID.  Once installed, their function should not have anything to do with which AppleID was used to buy them.

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    Thanks for this, Michael. I'll try your suggestion, but what happens is when I backup my iPhone, iTunes tells me that some of the Apps can't be backed up and then they are 'dissempowered' when I try to use them the touch buttons don't do anything and I have to be deleted and redownloaded on the device. I've a feeling that these Apps were originally downloaded to my iPad which may have the other ID. I'll ry to check this out. Best, Terry

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    Thanks for this. I had a look, but couldn't seem to follow the suggestions. It seems I might need to reinstall the IOS to change things. Best Terry

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    In the link posted above, did you do the steps in:


    I have purchased music, apps, or books with multiple Apple IDs. How can I get all of this content onto my iOS device?

    First, you need to copy all of your purchased content so it is on the same Mac or PC with iTunes. This computer should be the one you sync your device with. For more information on how to move your content, see these articles:

    Next, authorize your computer to play content with each Apple ID in iTunes. Once your computer is authorized for all your content, it can be synced to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


    The problem may simple be that you

    A) do not have all the content from both AppleID accounts in your iTunes library on your computer

    B) you have not authorized iTunes under both AppleIDs

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    Michael, I am most appreciative of your trouble and time. I will definitely try to follow your advice and let you know later how i get on. Many thanks, Terry

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    It will be a day or two now before I can try this as my iMac has had to go to the Machospital!

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    Hi, I am struggling with this same problem. And for some reason my OLD apple ID, a .mac address, is my primary.


    So, my .me address, which has more memory, cannot update ical, bookmarks, photostream, contacts. *****!


    How can I switch the .me to my primary???