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Unable to send outgoing email from phone using POP mail acct. Receive teh following msg: Cannot Send Mail. A copy has been placed in your outbox. The recipient (email address) was rejected by the server.


I've checked all the settings, removed and reloaded the email account all with same results.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    I have been having this problem from the first day I switched from a Blackberry Storm to the IPhone 4S...about 6 weeks ago.

    I can get email in but not send email out. The settings are the same for the Blackberry and for the Macbook Pro which has no email problems.  I use Optimum Cablevision for outgoing email and there was no problem before the switch.  I have checked extensively with Verizon and Optimum and both say it is not there problem after an exhaustive checking and reinstall of the settings. 

    The Verizon guy stated that Blackberry and Android have their own servers. He suggested I use gmail for my outgoing email..

    Apple tech guys...what is the real problem here?  How much do we have to spread our information out all over the place.

    I just found out a College I went to was virus hacked and now my social security number is out there...

    This is all getting a bit to crazy.

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    You are using the incorrect SMTP settings in your mail settings for the carrier

    or ISP



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    I have found the problem with not getting email out on the IPhone 4S.  It is with Optimum. I now remember this company did the same thing when I switched to a Blackberry two years ago.


    The problem was Optimum was trying to wear me down into upgrading our service with them.

    It took three phone calls to Optimum about the new IPhone's outgoing email problem. On the third call there are statements about not using them as my incoming email carrier (which has nothing to do with the outgoing mail that goes directly to them) , vague references to needing an upgrade, and then some casual statement about needing a password and user ID (gee, this is new news to us and the phone used for the last two years did not need one...but I get the need for increased security, so why weren't we told this on the first phone call!  They wasted six hours of my day, and the time of agents at Verizon 2 times as we went back and forth on this). 

    It took really working the representative over until he agreed to tell me the new settings needed to get the outgoing email to work on the IPhone.

    These folks also basically lied us out of a lower cost TV cable package that we were grandfathered into a few years ago.  Be careful.

    I wish other companies had the integrity that Apple has.

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    I am Using a POP account and I cannot get my email to SEND! I get the same message a Markalam


    Cannot Send Mail. A copy has been placed in your outbox. The recipient (my email address) was rejected by the server.


    the SMTP settings are the same as they are on my Mac's client so I dont understand what gives.

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    delete the mail accounts and recreate

    What you see may not be what iOS sees

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    THank you Peter,


    Did that and no luck.

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    Have you looked at this




    and have you tried adding username and password to smtp settings

    even if it says not required